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It’s quite a long story that brings me to this forum, suffice to say that I am, like many here, a woman at the mercy of her vices. I do not remember my first encounter with the demon of masturbation but I remember how it became my go-to buddy for all stresses. I have been trying to fight this for so long that I cannot even count back but maybe I was addicted to it since my very first experience at the age of 9. It a struggle to fight back the urge!

I am really hoping to find like minded people here, to learn how to fight this off and create a better life. I really want to feel confident while talking to people without sexualizing everything they utter/do. I am really hopeful here.

Would also love to have a companion/buddy!


Hey im also a pokemon fan! Are you too?


Big time. If you sing the title track around me, I will absolutely join you! Your favourite pokemon?


My favorite pokemon is snivy and incineroar what about yours? Im fire type lover

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Ohhh I think these came in a bit later so I am not acquainted with their powers. Snivy has this unimpressed face that is so cute and adorable. I belong to the older generation of pokemon watchers :wink: love magmar and charizard.


Hi Tiya
I’ve had the same problem. My story started when I was under 10 years old. Someone showed me this awful world of porn and I’ve been going back to it since my childhood. It feels like its part of me now.
But if theres one thing I know. It’s that we’re in this together. There’s so many people just like us who are facing these problems in their lives.
And I did some research and found out that 9% of people who are addicted to porn are unable to stop going back to it.
That means that 91% of people CAN leave porn and HAVE left porn.
We can be part of that 91% Tiya.
It’s only a matter of time and patience.
We’re in this together sister.
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Welcome on board :+1:


Thank you for the support to everyone who has advised me. I shall follow most of what you have suggested and tailor it to my needs.

I cannot express how much overwhelming this is. I am so glad. I was apprehensive that the reception will be negative being in the minority gender and also from India. I was fearful of what people might think because it’s not a guy but a girl. But it’s the very opposite. I was particularly touched when two of my new friends really tried to understand the problem from my view point and then suggest me strategies that would help me.

To my brothers who are struggling with me, my love and best wishes to you.


Day 1 of instant regret

I sometimes think that my habit to control everything according to a plan has made this addiction worse as masturbation is the only thing where I can let go of all those controls. Since sharing intimacy with another person meant losing control, I found another route to get the happiness of such connection without the liabilities. And I have been living this way ever since.

It’s a struggle daily. Trying to clean up my surroundings and do better from now on.


Yes after reading stories here I am hopeful. But it’s such a struggle daily. And it feels better to know people going through the same thing who understand what it’s like.


Welcome to the family and I hope you can overcome this hurdle.
Be strong
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Daily journal

Entry 2

It’s becoming tougher. An old friend met me and advised me that I needed sex. Obviously she does not understand the nature of this addiction or my situation but still. It’s so weird. What suprised me is that she thought that is what I needed, I just needed a hug that time and someone telling me it gets better. And ironically it is in essence, a solitary fight at the end of the day but the journey seems a lot more jovial when other people walk along.

Feeeling better now…thank you @i_akash for your video suggestion and @hex93 for talking to me. @tanujverma I am still learning to strategise and will do better. Also @neetwarrior and @hellojaani I keep coming back to your answers which help me. Stay Strong Guys! @FlowForCourage keep writing here and inspiring others.

@Owner_success1998 you can do it…do not loose hope!


I wanna be the very best like no one ever wass…
To catch them is my real quest …to train them is my causeeeeee…

I will travel across the land, searching far and wide…

I don’t know the rest of the part

Well I saw it in Hindi so our title track was a little different but I remember the English version too

Per se I don’t have a favourite Pokemon but hey all the best to you and may you succeed

Edit : well I later realised you speak Hindi too, I just read your other posts :slight_smile:


You’re right Jynx
Sex is not the solution.
One very concrete conclusion I’ve come across is that nothing, nothing external can permanently change our cycle of addiction.
It has to come from the inside.
Even if you did find a partner and have sex, what would happen after that?
Youd simply get another urge and would need to fulfil it. And it would become an endless cycle.
You’re so right about it being a solitary journey.
One that hopefully, we’ll all be able to complete.
Good luck to y’all :slight_smile:
And thanks especially to you Jynx for being so open to all of us. It means alot and gives me courage to be open too.