Tired related urges

So I would really be interested in your thoughts on this guys, this applies mostly to the guys and girls with more extreme fetishes of porn.

If you have had hardly any sleep and it is coming in to the afternoon do you get this Warm feeling thinking about your wildest fetishes, making you want to masturbate which becomes uncontrollable when tired? I have recently been up so much earlier than I’m used to this month and have relapsed due to this. Anyone with the same issue?


I had this problem too. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I solved it really… (or even if I solved it). I usually got lots of trouble getting past 1 week. Now, I am at day 17, wake up at 4 am every day (sleep 1h less than before) and do not feel any urges or anything more than slightly tired.
I think it has to do with the fact that I don’t obsess over it. Realise that you are a run of the mill addict, nothing special and that you have life to focus on. To live fully, you will have to go through withdrawl.
Every time you start to think about p for even a second do not indulge in it. It’s a revulsive sin that can be overcome.
PS: I know day 17 isn’t so impressive, so don’t trust me as some kind of authority, but it got easier and I made progress once I started thinking this way.


Wild fetishes are nothing but a result of brain being used to more Dopamine release. Basically cooledge effect. I noticed that before I started the journey of nofap, I was attracted towards BDSM porn, incest porn, s&m porn etc. But I didn’t notice it before. Now changing all that takes a heavy toll on the brain. I had days when I couldn’t sleep all night. In the initial stages, I had dreams in which I was fapping, I had dreams about my fetishes towards nuns and whatnot. It was hard, I felt low on emotions the first 17 days. Then it kinda subsides. The key is to never give up on nofap.

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@LloydyBoy I think the wild fetishes are what we call fantasies. The more you feed them or think about them the more time they consume. I am happier with my thought life when I am not fantasizing. But every now and then I wonder “what would it be like to kiss :kissing_heart: her?”

You have to accept the mentality that fantasizing and PMO is a waste of time. That will help you avoid that warm feeling. If you need motivation, think about working towards having a real girlfriend (if you don’t already have one).