Tired of NoFap Tries

I have been fapping since i was almost 17, and im now 27 and still couldn’t stop it. At first i was doing it in a very slow pace like once in 10 days or so. but as i grew older my fapping intensity increased. minimum 1 or 2 times in a week making it min 4 to 8 times in a month and some month +10 times.

As per my whole experience, i am addicted to this shit because of these genuine reasons…

1- Lonelines…
I have a small family whom i dont spend much time sitting as they have usually no such topic to talk to. In simple words i feel boring sitting with my parents. I have only 1 brother and we dont remain friendly. Then i have very limited friend circle, to which i hangout maybe once a month. Ofcourse i am single, no wife yet, no gf yet… Moreover i am usually in my room alone which is also on 1st floor and rest of family lives in gf of my house. Due to im alone i dont go to gym because gym is not nearby to my home and then i dont wanna go alone to next gym.

2- Uncontrol Urges…
For almost 10 years i have been sexually frustrated that i have tried everything to fantasize my sexuality by fapping to every type of content. And after every fap, 80% of time, i regret doing it. Then always ive tried for no fap challenging myself. As always i try to start the challenge but within few days again when urges starts to grow, i fap again. And then i regret again and this strange " fap-regret-nofap motivation " cycle goes along… Here i want to mention that i am not addicted to porn directly but im addicted to a new type of porn, that is cam sex. Because in this type of sex you fantasize more relaistically than watching porn. Since past 2 years i have been fapping to cam sex sites usually paying and wasting a lot of money.

Damages to me due to fapping

1- Always lack of confidence, loose persona
2- Hairfall
3- Brain fogs, and poor memory
4- shrinking of forehead than before
5- Even i got diseases like blueballs, epidymitis from excessive fapping.

despite these so many harmfull damages, i still never was able to control myself.

It looks like that i would never be able to control my urges and stop fapping to explicit content till i get married.

Ofcourse im a Muslim thats why dont have a gf with whom i could fullfill my sexual needs.

I have never contacted a sex therapist or doctor for such problem yet.

Now if you have read so far then plz help me with my problem. Guide me what else can i do to help myself.

I am looking forward for help from you guys. Plz help me :-/

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I feel you bro.
I’m tired of no fap tries too. Every time I relapse I think it’s not possible. But the fact is, it’s is possible. I just have to avoid the previous mistakes and learn to never doubt myself. Even if I doubt myself, I have Allah to rely upon. In my weakest moment, if I ask Allah for help, He will surely save me from a relapse.
So just forget about future risk of failure. Just trust Allah and do your best. If you relapse, then don’t worry, you tried your best. Just ask for His forgiveness and try again. Try try again until you succeed. Maybe the next try u give to nofap is a success.

It does not matter how many times you lose. You just have to win once.


Being alone and being lonely are different. But both have save solution. You are never Alone. Allah is always with you. And if you do Zikr, you won’t feel lonely.
Apart from religion, being alone is not a bad thing if you occupy yourself with good habits like book reading, skill learning etc.

Bro, they are your family. You don’t need to worry about a topic to talk about. Sit with them and just listen. Be there for them. And Im sure, a meaningful conversation will start.

About exercise, u don’t need a gym to workout. You can do a home workout.!!!

Aah don’t worry, urges are like a wild horse. You try to tame them. At first they resist and fight back. But if you stay persistent and be mentally strong, they give up. It just takes practice and patience. So don’t worry.


Hey man lift yourself up you have been 10 years of addiction that’s more than mine you need some help, i will try my best Insha Allah.
My answer is just don’t watch porn.
Try to talk to us if you are comfortable.
Do you love to be happy if yes the see this.


You should eliminate all causes of relapses. You wrote that you are lonely … try to fight it, eg meet people more often, etc. Also, the fact that you are alone in the room does not help, you should change it … Never give up!

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