Tips to Workout

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great day, and keeping up with the streak.

I need real advice here, hopefully your advice will help other people as well… You see, the thing is that I want to start working out. The problem is that I loathe the idea of making boring repetitions of a same body move over and over… So maybe you guys know about some kind of excercise that is fun to do, and doesn’t involve groups of people since the outbreak is still going where I live.

Thanks for your help, and I’m sorry if the topic doesn’t belong here, I’m kinda new to this forum.


excercise should be as much functional as you can do.
Train everyday, train every part of the body 2 times a week.
use 1 day to do stretches,


You can try Yoga, or Pilates, and some exercises of those calisthenics series also move the whole body… You can also search for whole-body exercises, like burpees. And you can dance too! There’s a lot of “fit dance” videos on YouTube, but you can try pretty much any dance you want.

Good luck! Greetings from Brasil


to make it interesting… you can take help from youtube… If you want to train your legs then open any channel and follow that leg day routine…start from beginner level…

But brother… this thing can only work for some days…like a month because to grow a muscle you have to hit that particular muscle fibers in the same way…which mean doing same exercise multiple times… so it is going to be boring.

If we are not passionate then we do not enjoy that thing…but sometimes we have to do that boring stuff to develop ourselves…for the sake of our health…that’s why it is hard… if it is easy then everyone can do it.

if you can join a gym then it will be good for motivation… for doing alone at home with consistency one need a lot of self motivation.

Take care.