Tips to Boost productivity

I was having trouble focussing on my studies. So did some research to find solutions. Applied them and boosted study hours from 3-4 hours to 8-9 hours in a span of 2-3 days.

Basic principle is: Your mind hates to make decisions. If you decide what to do, thats job half done. Based on this, I followed some rules everyday

Rule 1

Decide your goal. It must be as specific as it can be

  • It is the driving force and fuel to your fire.

Rule 2

Make Plan before hand

  • Create macro(for month) and micro(for week) plans.
  • Also plan for next day every night

Rule 3

Set Deadlines

  • If you work without deadline, you will work for 2 hours on a task that just needed 45 mins
  • Set realistic deadlines

Rule 4

Take Breaks when necessary

Rule 5

Reward yoursef


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