Timeline of changes

Hi guys. It’s been a while I joined the community and I was wondering: When have you start observing specific differences? Could you write a timeline of the changes of each period?

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I copied it from one of my bookmarked post , read it.
Stage 0: IGNORANCE- Asleep
At this stage, people are part of the majority who feel that there is nothing wrong with porn and masturbating to it. What they don’t pay attention to is the amount of degradation in life that was caused by it. They see no harm in wasting the the most potent life produced by our body. They carry on with their lives and are used to living that way for the rest of their lives. For them NoFap is just a fad. (based on my discussions with friends. they make fun of me when i try to share the gift of NoFap with them)

Stage 1: REALISATION- Waking up
The Realistion that this is it. No more falling weak to a bunch of pixels on your screen. No more wasting the elixir that’s capable of giving birth to a new HUMAN. l It takes 36 days for the entire process for food we eat to be converted to blood plasma, red blood cells, fat tissue, bones, bone marrow, sperm and then OJAS. The person realises that when not wasted, the OJAS gets recycled in our body and gets absorbed by every living cell in the body.

Stage 2: DECISION- First week
This is the easiest to finish as we are high on motivation and eager to experience the benefits. 7th day is usually a trailer of the benefits to come in the later stages.

Stage 3: RESOLUTION Weeks 2-3
What started as a mere experiment is slowly taking the form of habit and the body mind is resisting to this change. One may find very strong urges and the strong will powered and patient ones will sail through this stage to experience lasting benefits like clear mind, higher discipline, sharper vision, etc at the end of this stage.

Stage 4: CONVICTION Weeks 4-8
Life without porn is the norm but there may be periodic flashes of the past and sometimes urges. Fighting these will be easier this time as we are now equipped with experience on how to tackle these urges. The benefits will compound daily and the patient ones who know how to fight these urges are ready for the next and final stage. Coming Soon. Be tuned.


This is the worst illusion a person can create for himself !!!

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This is different for different people…For me 5th-9th days are toughest basically first week :grimacing:

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Lol😂!!! You just stealed the show.

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Yeah , I guess he wrote it on the basis of average