Time taken for the good


Yo people
I like jerked around for a year. But like i started falling under the bad effects of it. Such as blurry vision too much of acne and acidity. So now i am trying to quit mainly to cure my eyesight.
I am 14 days off and i have noticed significant changes like my stomach problems and acne have decreased. However my eyesight is still same.

So i just wanted to ask like people who are leaving or left as to how much time does it take for the normal vision to be restored or is my eyesight permanently damaged or like it is due to other problem

Do please tell the time taken after quitiing for normal vison to be restored.


Your vision would not become worst by doing fap. Remember that refractive errors are worsen as age increases and this is normal, so it is best to consult an optometrist and make some glasses to see better, but doing nofap will help you to reduce acne, since you are recovering your hormonal levels to normal.
The most important thing is that doing nofap will help you to develop as a true men, since your testosterone levels will be higher.


But so many people i have heard from that masturbating caused their vision to be blurry. On leaving it their eyes returned to perfectly normal.
My eyesight isnt bad like i can see near and far things perfectly but for lights and glares i see double images. And tge world is filled with too many lights
Some people say that masturbation causes fuzzy vision . However science cannot claim that but like i too am experiencing it . So are you cent sure that masturbation does not cause vision problems. Because before masturbation my vison was like cent clear for so many years.


Porn causes bad effect on Eyes.

When a person watches porn, his heartbeat increases because of the excitement which increases blood flow in overall body. Blood fills in eyes veins and the person tries to keep open his eyes to stare at the screen, which makes the eyes reddish and dry.

And mostly people watch porn in dark room which also adversely affect eyes. In the long term, the eyes of the person gets weak and his eyesight keeps on decreasing…

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