Three weeks of nofap and gym. Changes and benefits

I somehow broke this year’s high score and got 3 weeks of nofap. Also I was awake very early every morning. Every morning I was doing gym exercises at home. These weeks I created a YT channel and learned to work with 4 different software. What important changes are there?

  1. The energy. I restored a lot of energy and now I can manage to do what I always wanted to do. It wont be easy to get tired now. I can wake up, exercise, classes, videos and the day is just starting.
  2. The relationships. The reason I did it this time is my relationships with family. My parents were always dissapointed, angry, and mostly worried about me. Now not only they trust me, but also they try to help me all the time.
  3. The responsibility. I wasn’t doing what I don’t like. Now I don’t see things as I like them or I don’t. I see them as I should do or I should not.


  1. Motivated to do a lot.
  2. A lot happier for no reason.
  3. My body form is better than ever.
  4. Doing physical work is something very easy.

Other minor benefits

  1. Hair are darker, thicker, softer. A girl from the group was talking on the phone with his boyfriend. She hang up and asked to touch my hair.
  2. My sking is glowing and reflecst the sun.
  3. My eyesight was not perfect. It was blured and my eyes got tired easily. Now it’s almost perfect.
  4. I’m eyecontacting without doubt. People in the bus or on the streets are staring at me a lot.
  5. Eyecolor revealed it’s true apperience. It’s brown not black anymore.

Don’t read motivations, be a motivation.


Forgot to mention. There was not even a tiny urge. I was too busy for them.

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I’m so happy for you bro … From writing alone in your diary and depressed with your life to being happy . You have come a long way .I know how much strength it takes to get yourself out of poor mental health and I’m proud of you .:clap::clap:


Thank you a lot for reading my posts.


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