Thread from Old Forum - Get in Here

I’m reviving this thread from the old forum - I remember idrisa, rapaz, Moonstar, fightersuraj, Johny, neveragaintw, and many more (all the ones I mentioned I have on my Companion list).

My code is 78f5c1 , 19 year old guy from Canada. Currently on a 20 day streak and very proud of it. :slight_smile:


Hi cheetaiean, 46 from northern Ontario. 1 day streak lol but it’s a start bro! My code is 17a438

Didn’t check this in a while but just added you. Welcome. Anything you need send me a pm here, post on your status, etc. Day 44 for me now

omg there was an old forum :scream: :scream:


Fckk bro, How did you find this thread. :exploding_head::exploding_head:
I only know nevergiveup in that list. That time too people where fighting and were knowing about nofap. Cool Man #2017 :star2:


It’s fun discovering old threads on the forum just found an category named lounge which is basically dead from years on rewire


Only he is active in the forum after 4years… You can ask if someone is curious lol

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