Thoughts on Edging

Some said that edging is relapsing because we fapped, but some said that edging is not relapsing because we don’t jack off.

For me, I believe that edging is not relapsing if it is only max. 10-20 seconds each session.

What do you think?

I belive that it is ultimately up to you whither it’s a relapse or not.
But if your goal is to quit porn, watching it won’t help you, if your goal is to quit extensive masturbating, it won’t help you either.
If the goal is semen retention, well edging might not be so bad. But it won’t help you either.
But allowing yourself to edge is better than jacking off and if you feel that it helps you to cut down on PMO, by all means, go ahead.
But know that it won’t help you quit, just to cut down.


It like an alcoholic going from hard liqueur to beer. Your still an alcoholic, you still get drunk but at least not wasted anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What @einar said :sweat_smile::point_up_2:

I think edging is probably not good for your health.
I’ve had ball-ache from doing that,
and then later in the day I feel the need to go all the way just to flush myself out.

Why do you want to edge?
Maybe you need to try easy mode or something.


But I’m single and have no friends. I also have no purpose. If only I have a purpose, NoFap would have been so much easier.

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That’s why you edge?

Make your own rules, but be 100% honest and keep to your word.

Edging is very pleasurable and therefore highly addictive. So for me edging to porn or to unwanted sexual thoughts is a relapse. However, on soft mode, edging with love partner is acceptable.

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Life without purpose is a bad place to be in. Find your purpose in life and then only you’ll able to live it fully.


But idk how because I’m a loner wolf surrounded by cringy people.

In my opinion edging is just the premise to PMO, therefore it is not advisable and should be stopped, but it is not worth feeling bad about either if done.
It is worth however to observe yourself in the situation. (What was the trigger? Where? What time? Emotional state: anger, shame, etc?)
Next time it will be easier to realise and stop when you start to see the tendency.
An idea to get yourself busy:

  • Join a charity, start helping people.
    The work is usually simple, there is no pressure, they are glad you help them and are mostly nice people. You can socialize there, get some perspective and contacts, you might even like helping people. Extra: there are usually some women there, you might make friends with a few of them. I’m sure you can do this, of course only if you want to do it.

IMO edging is not relapsing but in my experience it makes me even more horny so I think it can lead to relapse. By the way after 3 days edging like 2 minutes a day I felt very bad and now I don’t want to watch porn and I feel less urge because of that. I find edging stressful.


im afraid that your opinion isnt actually correct, its called no PMO because only when you actively avoid all three together do you have any chance of rebooting and seeing any benefits. if you avoid porn and orgasm but still fap or if you avoid fapping and orgasm but still watch porn then you might as well pack your bags and leave. you want to edge because it allows your brain to soak in the dopamine bath that you are addicted to, the sole reason you are posting this thread in the first place is because your addicted brain is trying bargain for a way to get that sweet fix it desires, and this thread is solid evidence that you really need to go through the 90 days reboot.

since edging just erases any progess or any benefits you might be able to achieve my advice is to either quit nofap or fucking stop doing it. recognize that your brain is bargaining for a way to feed your addiction and will continue to lie and cheat you at every turn on your journey and only then you might be able to get a decent streak, without any cheating involved.


For edging, it causes me to eventually relapse so I try not to do it. Edging sounds like it can become addictive if you do it too often. It’s best to avoid edging as it can move you closer to a relapse. Even if it works for you @dandy18lie I wouldn’t recommend it.

Don’t settle for being a loner wolf :wolf:. Find friends or family who are worth spending time with. We all need people to communicate with and I know it helps avoid isolation.


Ok, ok. You make sense here. Rubbing my private part even without triggering contents is edging. And it’s relapsing. But what if someone sits on top of me and touch my private part? And what if I touch it because it is itchy? What if I touch it while peeing and washing it with soap? Are they examples of edging methods? Are those relapses?
And what to do in front of females in public?

May I fantasize or something? May I get impressed?

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that’s the hard part. nofap isn’t a black or white thing. i wouldn’t go as far as sqlk.
everything is better than you fapping every day thing you used to do before starting nofap. it’s not the case that you start from 0 every time you touch your dick. it just takes longer and is no as effective if you are still edging.

what is the evil? you don’t wanna have these dopamin rushes you get while escaping your life in the pmo world.
do you get pleasure when you scretch you dick because it itches? not really.

it’s about balance. try to go as far in no pmo as possible. but don’t go far a fanatic life where you are constantly looking for things which could be a relaspse. if you listen to your body, you will know what a relapse is

Edging is your weakened mind’s way of filling up time that could have been used productively. That’s the whole problem of PMO. You keep edging till all your time has been wasted. At the end of it whether you masturbate or not makes little difference.

It’s better to masturbate without porn and without fantasizing (if you can control the chaser effect and not watch porn afterwards) in 10 minutes than to edge for an hour (or worse, more) without orgasming. If you don’t believe me you can read reliable and well-regarded material like the book ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ and the blog ‘The Last Psychiatrist’.

The rest is up to you.


I agree with this 100%

You cant fight PMO with only your wills. Its a way to fight this not ‘The way’ to fight this. Go mingle. It will teach you reality. It will help put the craving under check in some ways. Cause you live your life. Still, not ‘the absolute’ way just when it helps

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