This the method I used to achieve +1000 days

This is the method I used to achieve +1000 days.
The reason we relapse is because we are looking for something external to fill a void in our life. We may be sad, lonely, anxious, poor self-esteem etc.

So we need to change this… How do we change this? We need to find a new focus. No longer focusing on the external.

Within a man is his heart, his heart is his spirit.

I have a 5 minute exercise for you to do now… Close your eyes sit quietly… Focus your attention on your heart region… Feel the soft glow there. That is your spirit, feel the joy there, focus on that feeling. Feel the joy grow as you focus on it, the more you focus on the feeling the more the joy grows… Do this exercise for 5 minutes, and then I will continue with my tip explanation

That is the basis for my success, I learnt that joy, love, peace, contentedness, confidence, is at my fingertips any time I want it… I don’t need to look extremely for fulfilment… I can do this any time any place . This focusing on your spirit can be done anywhere any time, eyes open or eyes closed… It can be done as you perform your daily tasks… The more we focus on this feeling throughout our daily lives the more it grows. We get to a point where PMO has no hold over us because we are happy and confident and no longer seeking external fulfilment. We are filling the void within us from our internal self from our spirit

We will still at time feel horny., that sexual energy feeling… But the feeling of sexual energy is not a bad thing and it can be used to our advantage…

Feeling horny does not make you masturbate. It is simply sexual energy… You can if wish convert this energy into spiritual energy, this is called sexual transmutation.

To do this is simple… Close your eyes…
Feel that sexual energy. Imagine and feel it rise up your body towards your heart, feel the sexual energy mix and combine with your spiritual energy, feel your sexual energy change and become joy, peace, love, happiness, contentedness, confidence… Feel the sexual energy decrease and spiritual energy increase. Feel the joy in your heart grow.

This is how I achieved +1000

Imagination is a powerful tool…

Imagination can destroy us or it can empower us, for example imagining sexual things leads to PMO. Imagine good things and it creates hope and empowers us to achieve great things

The more you focus on the joy the more grows and the more you are set free

The longer your NOFAP streak the more if also feeds your joy… Your spiritual energy continues to grow… That joy, peace love etc is your spiritual energy… This is the true super power.

I hope my method is helpful to others


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