This is why men keep going back to p0rn and how to stop

If you want to stop going back to p*rn you must identify your triggers.

Here are a few most common examples:

  1. Visual triggers

Scrolling on social media.
Seeing models on feed.
Watching erotic movies or TV shows.

  1. Emotional triggers

Loneliness or sadness.
Emotional memories.

  1. Physical triggers.

Laying on your bed alone.
Using your phone in the bathroom.
Late sleepless nights.

Everyone’s triggers are unique to each person.

Your mission is to identify your triggers, make a plan, and eliminate them.


Simply put: You need to start to reduce exposure or create distance between you and your triggers.

This involves resetting your environment and taking certain steps to remove triggers.

This could mean:

  1. Unfollowing hot models on IG TikTok, Youtube, and X.
  2. Deleting certain social media handles.
  3. Keep your phone in a different room when you go to sleep. (not close to bed)
  4. Don’t take your phone to the bathroom.
  5. Make sure your day is filled with activities. (make a schedule)
  6. Go outside and meet new people. (Eliminate boredom and loneliness)
  7. Go for a walk or go to the gym.

Everyone’s situation is different.

And in order to quit p*rn you need a plan.

Figure out what works for you and go from there.

Hope you found this valuable.


How to go to outside and meet new people at midnight ?

Urge strikes at every 15 minutes and my body has been a trigger for me. I have to drink water and do 1 hour exercise. Still severe urge at night.

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No one usually calls me. I kept my phone in another room and came back to sleep. 3 of my relatives call me suddenly. They had no sufficient cause for calling me. I felt as if someone ( maybe Satan ) told them to call me so that I can fall for mobile phone again and watch some stuff.

This happens 3 times. Then I again started to use phone while sleeping. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I am with you but you need to realise all this is short term solutions.

We can have a great streak but without eliminating the root cause it will keep haunting us.

These are the most common feelings that leads to relapse. But do you think just removing the triggers we can forever get rid of PMO?


WE need permanent solution. And that solution is having someone around us at difficult times, if not atleast someone who we can talk to anytime we really feel bad or have lost the path.

This community does have the potential to provide that and that’s how I have reached bigger streaks or more importantly didn’t went the wrong path.

For complete rewiring of brain we need to fight the root cause it may take days or months but after that we are forever free.

Sharing link to the shorts I liked :point_down:


Hit the gym bro, and join a tribe of men with vision and focus.

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You have to be sure that you want to stop Masturbation, think of the disadvantages

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I feel there is no long term or short term advice to stop fap. It’s all your mindset

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The things you mention are pretty helpful tho in short run and sometimes we just need a immediate solution because small streaks gives confidence to go for a bigger streak.

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Hmm bro. Many many thanks for this wonderful advice. :pray::+1: