This is how i started Masturbation

When i was 13, i was making stories with my friends then one of them started to talk about this thing, masturbation… you know at that time i was never heard about masturbation and it was my first time to know that action.
He said that masturbation feels good and encourage us to do also.
So when i went back home, i tried and boom, it was good… so i kept doing it frequently without knowing that im addicted.
It happened that i know some negative effects of masturbation, and i wanted to stop… but i couldn’t!

That is how i started masturbation and porn too… so how about you guys? How you started masturbation and porn??


When I was 11 I once found out while sleeping but got afraid and stopped, because I didn’t know what it was then. but it’s the friends at school who encouraged and kept talking all lusty and dirty which we took it further. Since I was in 5th class, some students used damn obectify and stupidly I too used to talk with them not knowing what kind of hell I was going into.

This why it is said, "our friends make us who we are"

So choose friends wisely


So true… Still we have time to improve our life and remove toxicity.


For me it was… I discovered pornos on Internet and used to have boners during sometimes watching it then one day just got the urge to shake an boner (I was literally scared that something sticky came out or I’m gonna die now) and did it and discovered it was called masturbation and happens to all the guys


My first experience was the Summer of May in 2009 … First time I aroused watching some bollywood poster of Akshay Kumar and some actress with him.

Second time I did was around Winters of 2010-11 between December 2010 to January 2011 somewhere fantasizing about School Teacher (teenage immaturity)
So summer 2009 - Winter of 2010-11 was duration gap between first and Second… I think this was my highest streak :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Since 2011 I maintained around 5-6 days avg between mas…

Highest streak since Recording properly was 35 days in this app


But From The last 3 year I addicted to [email protected] so things deteriorated much…

Frequent and Regular [email protected] made me insecure about girls and made me uncomfortable around her.
I was heavily dependent on [email protected] And Started Objectification of Females (quite disturbing)
My reading and Memory retention worsened and my academic Performance dipped , My focus deteriorated :worried:
And this all shit happens at time when I supposed to be At best to Crack Exams

From 2020 I realised frequency to [email protected] made me actually addicted to it …

Since I am Devoid of Love , Lust made me a easy target :persevere::pensive:


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