This is bothering me

Soo someone mentioned that thinking about sex is also considered edging but i am gonna be honest with my self sometimes i have sexual thoughts soo you mean to tell me i am edging? I thought it was normal to have these kind of thought for a nofaper like can i really help it ecexpt learn how to control it and eventually overcome it.

@anon66785751 mentioned this but i want a full discussion with different opinion from you warriors not only mine!

Well, i don’t think it causes enough damage to be considered edging in my opinion like watching porn and looking at erotic pictures, but it’s definately a step in the wrong direction if you’re intentionally focusing on a sexual fantasy. Not only that but it can cause a relapse… You’ll make yourself excited therefore your chances of relapsing double, triple even. You should be dominating your sexuality right now not the other way around, so i"d just stay away from that


You shouldn’t force sexual thoughts out of your mind, it’s completely normal to have those. Rather than acting upon them, closely observe where they are coming from (are you stressed? Anxiety? Or just legit sexually aroused?) and try to turn that energy into something productive (go exercise, go study, do chores, etc)


These thoughts generaly comes in times of lonliness and boredom.
Keep yourself busy in tasks if some sexual fantasy is running in your mind.
Some Wise Man says it as SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION.
They say Convert/Channel these thoughts in your Work.
Great Man like Nicole Tesla used this sexual energy into his electricity inventions.
There were many man who transform them using these sexsual thoughts.
:small_orange_diamond:Sexual energy makes an ordinary person a genious.
No doubt about that not only genious but if he uses it in his workout and physical actions. It can make him mighty beast.
Take example of the great gama pehlwan of india. He was an undefeated wrestler who had mighty strength like a lion.


@anon66785751 The thing I find tricky about sexual transmutation is when to NOT use it. See, I am doing normal mode: I don’t PMO but I do have intercourse with my significant other. Sometimes when I’m with her, I get sexual thoughts (about her) and I don’t know whether I should give in or whether I’m still a slave to my sexual urges and I should transform my sexual energy. What do you think about that?

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Because i am a married man with a lot of sexual intercourse experiences i can answer you.

Brother if you want to Rise above common man and only if you want to achieve that supreme state of mind in which common man becomes a God. In this case only take my advise. Nonetheless enjoy your relationship with your wife.

:small_orange_diamond: Dont make sex as a necessary part of your life. Experience it . Have sex whole night. Make some childrens . Enjoy fully with your partner but you must stop after that.
:small_blue_diamond: Now as you have experienced your sexuality fully and you think you are ready now . You should start practising sexual transmutation that means NO SEX.

I’m sorry this post will be a bit aggressive since my shoulder hurts like hell since yesterday but I still have to answer to this topic

Guys think a little bit in a normal way!
Chr1s read your post:

You have a girlfriend and you find her attractive? Why is that a concern? It would be bad if you think about her in a ■■■■ way. Like I would like to take her in this or that pose or if it is the only thing you wanna do if you see her but it doesn’t sound like that.

Furthermore Causality does NOT imply causation. I DON’T become a genius because I don’t have sex. Take Albert Einstein he loved women and had many. If you take the real exceptional persons in history, they just were special and you see that already if you read about their childhood. other example Elon Musk would love to have a wife (he was married multiple times and has children) but he just doesn’t have time for it. Now what is it? Doesn’t he have sex because he is a genius or is he a genius because he doesn’t have sex?

Sure, you will get much more time if you don’t have sex which you can use for a good cause and you will be able to focus more on what you have to do but it doesn’t make you a beast nor a genius.

@nagate about fantasies. I guess it is to a certain extend just normal to think about sex. It is one of the main things that drives us forward. So, if the thoughts are just randomly popping up in your head then i would say that it is just normal and no problem. If you are sitting alone at home and deliberately think about sex for a longer time then I would recommend: Use your time better! there are so many good things to do.

I would recommend everyone: Go for a natural life first. It is hard enough to beat this addiction / problem. Don’t go from fapping every day to I will be the next super monk. Think about what you wanna reach in life. Do you wanna be abstinent of every pleasure just to get a bit more time to make yourself a bit more famous?
God made us to have sex! If he didn’t wanted us to have sex then he wouldn’t reward us with the pleasure the orgasm gives us. He wouldn’t have made men and women. He would have made us able of autogamy so that we can be better than we are


After writing your all thoughts in the end you gave all credit to GOD.
I dont think there is any GOD present in this NF companion forum.
You say god made us to have sex.
So if you knew any GOD in your neighbourhood. Convey my message to him.
O God plz tell me why did you made me so that i have to indulge throughtout my life in this vicious circle of sex.
Is this the only purpose of my life that i should eat food make new sperms and after that throw that out of my body just for momentery pleasures and again get in this vicious circle of making and ejaculating.
If it is this the whole sum of my life then i dont want this.

I want to Rise above all this bullshit.
I want to Break This Circle.
And Yes i want your throne.
I should myself become a God.

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Yes, I do believe that there is something out there. And it did set some rules on the game we are playing here on this world
But the only meaning life has is the one WE are giving it. There are some restrictions to it but in the end everyone of us has to decide which meaning we wanna give our life

My goal in life is to help people like many people in my life helped me. I wanna make this world better and lead us to a great future. It is as good a goal as every other goal. To reach my final goal I will need to be as strong and wise as possible. But how do I get there? By overcoming every single obstacle in my path. By making mistakes and learning from them.
Yes I do think that something is out there and I think it gives me these challenges so that I can grow on them, learn and in the end become an incredible human being. I don’t get this awesome person I wanna be just by keeping some molecules inside my testicles, swimming around there for no purpose.

Our experience in life and how we overcame them is what makes us incredible!
(and as a side note: Yes I do believe that there is not one god but many incredible beings and that everyone of us has the chance to become one)


I just have random thoughts pooling in my mind mist of the time i am occupied either working out or tired because of working out not and then i have imagination/thoughts but thats about it i get rid of them very quick because in this journey i must be very honest with my self and this coummunity and ask for answers just like everyone else does thus far i have never felt any better than this. Its just that i want to be honest and have discussion with you guys and no what i can correct to further my journey

Much thanks to everyone on this forrum you are all awesome and appreciated!


I am as busy as i can but the mind is always thinking my goal now is to beat the images on my head which is am doing pretty well if i am Being honest.


Dear Brother @nagate
Just Enjoy the Beautiful curves of women out there in Real world but dont try to grab them. :wink:
Just Feed on That Energy and Thats it.
Now when you go home dont think about that women for a second because it is nowwhere present now. Its only thoughts.

Let your thoughts make a peace withthemselves. Dont give them importance.
Just Enjoy bro.
You are a Motivation for me. I want you rise high in your life.


Lol thats funny you and all the others here are motivation lets keep going on this direction i love it.



Fap = ordinary
Nofap = extraordinary

Sex = Normal
No sex = GOD


The man has spoken true words