Third day on rewire

Today is my third day
I am just not able to stop my urge I have stopped my 7 urges since morning
Please tell how to deal with it


Whenever you get the urge to masturbate :confounded:, tell this to yourself that lust has risen not in me but in my mind, and only tolerating the urges will destroy the urges, acting according to the mind will only increase the lust which has risen in your mind. When urges come, do not fear them, but think that urges are like small waves :ocean: in a pond which would eventually disppear, urges are temporary, you have to deal with them only for a small period of time​:clock1:.

When you get urges, the mind will try to take shelter in certain places(bathroom :bathtub:), actions(masturbation), things(mobile :iphone:or PC
:desktop_computer:) and most importantly contemplating :thought_balloon: on the act of masturbation.

So what you have to do is, DO NOT go anywhere near to bathroom to masturbate, DO NOT keep your mobile phone near you, DO NOT contemplate on masturbation nor fantasize about porn, rather IMMEDIATELY change your thoughts, think about God, or anything good.

The devil :smiling_imp::japanese_ogre: of lust Never 🙅‍♂ get satisfied, I mean NEVER. So trying to calm it down by some actions like PMO is not a great idea.

If you refuse🚫 to your mind to masturbate, the next urge will be less stronger, and when you say no again, the next urge will get weaker, and this goes all the way up to a point where you would get no urges at all! I have experienced it.

Take care that no actions are done according to your mind. This how you kill your mind, until only you(soul) remain. Kill :hocho: :coffin: the mind slowly, daily, this is how you get free from PMO (or lust) ultimately. Because as long the mind is there, it will NEVER stop contemplating or taking shelter in a certain place, action, thing to satisfy itself. Killing :coffin:the mind is the ultimate way.

Hope my answer adds any value to your life.
Have a nice day.


Thank you for your motivation and time
Next time I will definitely stop my urge

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More power to you brother. You will succeed this time.

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