Thinking about my future

At work, I work with a mixture of people, male and female. Since we work at the same place, it is a requirement to work together to get things done, it’s a good thing because it’s been teaching me not to act weird around others especially if its a girl, yesterday there was someone who was new at work, she was confused, I put my social awkwardness aside and helped her, I also taught her one or two things, which I believe helped her out.


There is no need to act weird around female because they’re human beings like us too.


Ohh. Well I am already a good listener so I can relate to your problems. But sometimes I also let go my control.:sweat_smile:

True bro… Nobody really cares. All want to talk about themselves except few…
Well not getting demotivated. The benefits far outweighs the harsh reality so no problem…

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You can say it fault, creation or something else but it is an ancient truth…

I know I am still quite young and my life is only starting now, but as I advance further into nofap, I tend to have deep thoughts and what my future will be like, these are often thoughts of falling in love, becoming successful and having kids of my own, the truth is I want to fall in love with the right girl someday, someone who Ill truly love and eventually marry, and although I’m still quite young I would love to have kids of my own when I’m older, I’m actually an uncle of a 3 y/o baby and he is amazing to be around, that’s a reason I would love a kid of my own, another thing I want when im older is the job ive always dreamed of.

Writing that helped to take weight off my chest.

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