Thinking about my future

Ok, so I’m single and have been since I was 15, im 19 now, I was in a relationship once in my lifetime, we were both shy and all we would ever do was hold hands, my biggest mistake was breaking up with her, because i suddenly developed real feelings for her and it took me 2 to 3 years to get over my first relationship, I eventually got over her and didn’t mind being single, today I’m single and I’m happy with where I’m at right now.


One thing I want to talk about is, often my mind keeps making me think I want a girlfriend, when actually I’m happy single. Anyone relate?


Also, At work there are a mixture of different people, but when I’m around girls which look near my age I get this feeling of energy(Hormones) running through my body.
Do you guys get that feeling?


Me me me bro me​:person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand::person_raising_hand:

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Dude im 32 and been single my whole life.

Dont let your teen brain keep you fixated in 16th century ideas.

What i mean is back then humans lived short lives. Old age then was my current age now.

Since people died early the idea of coupling up quickly was a believed necessity.

Today a lot of people still marry early, but many wait until 30s and 40s to couple up now.

Being single feels bad. I know all too well. Loneliness is one reason for me to relapse.

But listen, some guys are super lucky to have all real attractive women and the rest of us do not get the opportunity.

So we learn to accept our single lives and live for ourselves.


Yes. I still feel hormones around women my age and younger. Probably not to the extent of a teenager but your still sexually strong in your 30s if the right woman is around.


Yep , as a 15 years old teen , I can relate to this . Even though , I feel happy not having any girlfriend or not being attracted to anyone . Sometimes , I feel like being in relationship . In teenage , the main root of this feeling comes from seeing others of your age being in relationship . I myself was in relationship back when I was 13 !! . I was not quite mature at that time but after a few months of those " relationship things " , I overcame it and have lead a happy life since then . So you just have to believe that having a girl isn’t neccessary to be happy in life , life is better according to me when you are alone . I like being alone sometimes . Loneliness is not always a sin . Sometimes you find happiness between yourself and life . So remove all those thoughts from your mind .

That was my point of view , some people may disagree but I believe in what I said


You are right

Right. Somebody get happy when they are being with their girlfriend and the other guys become happy when they are alone. It depends on each and every individual.


Ive identified a problem I have when It comes to socializing, when people ask how im doing,I forget to ask how they are doing, it’s like I make the conversation about myself, and the conversation tends to end quickly.


Yes that’s why I feel that way.

I read a book called “How to win friends and influence people”
in my opinion if you read this book and practice the ideas it has you will become expert in communicating with others and building connections.

Hope it helps.

Also Im 24m I’ve had 2 relationships so far and honestly not sure which is better. I for sure know that you will be unhappy single or in a relationship if you don’t follow your inner voice and the true calling of your soul no matter who you are with.


Im 32 and had zero relationships with women so far.

Probably remain for me regardless of its advice.

Any advice on how to attract women when I still live my parents because of my Dads many medical issues and I never will be free from being a caregiver?

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I feel like if I get involved in a relationship, it will distract me from my other aspirations

Yes sir, it all comes down to your mindset and what you are thinking. What you think you become, literally. Numerous studies have been done on this subject and it has been concluded that what we think about and what feelings we have literally create the circumstances around us.

So if you want to attract a partner in your life, you should think and feel like as you already have one. Do this experiment for 100days and come back with the results.

Everyday pick a time when you can be alone and uninterrupted. Sit down relax and close your eyes. Imagine in your mind that you have a girlfriend right now in this moment and feel the emotions you would have if this was really true!
How would you feel if you did have a girlfriend? What will you be doing together? Where would you go? What would you talk about? Are you going to be watching movies together? Are you going to be laughing and having fun together?

The key here is to make it as real as possible because your body does NOT know the difference between real events that happen on the outside and events you imagine on the inside, it literally does NOT know the difference. So if you see the things you want AND feel the emotions that you would have when you get a girlfriend RIGHT NOW before it happens you will surely attract her.

Sorry for the long post. If you feel like going more in depth about this I recommend “Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza”

Much love to everyone here and good luck on your journeys :heart::heart:

Bro I am so younger than you, I even don’t know half as you but I can tell you few things.
Women or men all are same . They are too hoping to get a man. But there is a thing. They don’t want to approach someone first as they don’t want to show urgency or wrong behaviour .
And let me tell you , you just need to approach them . And as you know talking to girls is super easy.
Conclusion :- just start talking to lot of girls…


Hey bro. I am reading this book now a days. It seems good. How you felt about it? Is it working…



Same?! Men also want men :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Fuck I messed up :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile::rofl:
Well technically there are some people/men attracted by same gender …so I am still correct :rofl:

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Technically!!! It’s a fault in their natural instincts!!!

Yes it is absolutely working. Not going to lie everywhere I go people greet me with a smile and they all like to talk to me (talk about themselves) as the book shows you.

So yea it does work but at the same time very often I feel that I am the only active listener in the conversation and I feel left out, like I can’t share my problems because I feel like nobody really cares or they can only relate to partially which doesn’t help.

In a way it’s a blessing and a curse I guess. It does really help if you go in sales and negotiating so yea. Glad you are reading it :v:

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