Things no one will tell you

I was fapping for years and I just want to tell all u guys that there people on the internet telling u it causes no harm at all those guys are complete shit.Because in addition to the known dangers.
It will trigger incurable conditions u can never imagine.
Allergic rhinitis
Heart pulpitations
Parasympathetic Nervous system disorders
Trust me U don’t ever wanna get any of these cause they are incurable u can search the internet
And I shit over those guys who will surely tell u that fapping is not the root cause of these because I know it is.Just wanted to warn u guys.It shitted my life.Peace out.


Mujhe misunderstand mat karna bhaijan. Main apka accha hi sochta hun. Pichli bar apne socha ki main serious nahi hun or aise hi bakwas kar raha hun.

Gussa mat hona . This guy is saying that masturbation can lead to ADHD. It can be a root cause to your problem too.
Lets discuss about your childhood. If its in your genetics thats a different thing. We have to find a solution to the problem. You also know medicines cant bring a permanent change. They are a temporary fix.

Plz dont misunderstand me. If doing celibacy for 2 years Can cure your ADHD. Then you must give it a try.
Bhai maine bahut kuch sun rakha hain. Semen conservation se 12 saal mei aadmi mei bala ki shakti or gazab ka dimag aata hain.

Please talk in English, since you are replying in general discussion. This can’t even be translated on google since it’s not proper Hindi.

It’s my genetics, I have been tested by a psychiatrist, and besides I have researched quite a bit about it myself and at my current state I’m content with my adhd. I’ve learnt to live with it.

Although I do agree fapping and adhd are kind of related since both screw with dopamine receptors.

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Oh! I nearly forgot about the language issue.

Though I am not a scientist but a optimist.
still i believe nothing is impossible. Have Faith and hope.
We are with you.

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