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I know that I have difficulties not replying to wrong statements but if they are destroying progress or the whole life I feel like I just have to say something.
Recently, an awful lot of wrong and bad comments get posted! (at least from the point of my 6 months of experience on the nofap journey in this forum and a bit of common sense).

  • You get cured by not fapping (or no PMO respectively)
    Most of us are addicted because we have a mental problem. You can’t or won’t handle certain kind of emotions or feelings and you are escaping to a drug which makes you happy. Porn (or each other addiction) is just a vent for something. If you don’t have a mental problem, you wouldn’t be addicted!
    Since porn is not the problem, you will also not heal before you learn how to handle your problems. This, you can see in the numerous posts like “I’m on nofap for x weeks and still see no change. I’m in week x and I still have urges. The urges will NOT disappear as long as you haven’t sorted out your problem! Sure, you will learn how to not fap but sooner or later you will either relapse or you will find a new drug.
  • You are cured or “rebooted” after 90 days of nofap:
    Relates to the previous one. Sure, after 90 days your brain will probably be rewiring your connections and your bond to porn gets weaker. That for sure. But in my opinion, a real reboot begins when you are free of the addiction. As long as you are addicted you can’t really rewire your brain. Imagine: As long as you have urges you will still have thoughts on PMO. You will remember how good you felt during fapping. As long as you have these kind of thoughts, your brain won’t be able to rewire in an efficient way!
  • Any form of ejaculation is bad:
    Our problem is the addiction. It’s not porn, it’s not masturbating it’s not sex. It’s that our brain associates these with fleeing from a bad situation in our real life.
    I could cry from comments like: “I will never again have sex since it is bad for me”. Also, comments like “porn is equally bad as sex”. Your taking away something so beautiful from your life. It’s something that makes us happy and connected to our partner. These are things that really make you powerful in life. You will have a goal to push forward each day because you feel good!
    That you feel tired after sex has absolutely NOTHING to do with lifeforce leaving your body. It has to do with HORMONES!

F*cking gold comment

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Great comment, many of good accurate points, I believe that we will never stop masturbating but there is a huge difference between addiction and a healthy masturbating that doesnt affect negatively in any form, and that’s only after you’ve rewire your brain to it.


#2 so true. I completed the 90day reboot last year in hardmode, no sex. But after that, i relapsed and havent recovered after. My streak now is the longest so far. I binged a lot after the 90day streak. It’s like somebody dieting for week and eating heavily on sunday. 90day nofap dont guarantee success. This addiction is not just physical aspect, i.e. rewiring of the brain but also the emotional, psychological. You have to address and manage them as well.


Man I also experienced that at 50 days, even though I’ve distanced myself from anything besides reading that could potentially trigger myself (I don’t watch porn at all), I still ended up relapsing and I tend to end up relapsing for the next few days.

Like @neveragaintw stated it’s more of a mental problem then a physical one (unless someone is physically suffering due to the long term damage from pmo).

I wish I had somone to just talk about it but my position in life wouldn’t allow that, and people’s mentality needs to change and be more accepting.


Yeah. I wish people can be more empathetic and understanding about several issues like PMO.


Its a true issue but we will teach the young one better and be better human beings

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