There is no FAP without Orgasm manifestation

I watched some Teal Swan videos about masturbation and Orgasm to manifest. And for What I see until now There is Nofap without Orgasm manifestation. I mean, only using masturbation to manifest , You can change your beliefs and guilty feelings, when you were watching porn.

well yes and no.
i am pretty fond of teal :slight_smile:
yes you can manifest through masturbation BUT manifestation is not the same thing as changing ones beliefs manifestation basically happens with ones belief so if you have a negativ eimprint due to porn where you subconsciously feel distanced, inferior or otherwise bad you will also manifest that. first you ahve to work though your beliefs with e.g. the work or shadow work before you can actually use masturabtion to manifest “positive things” …
i hope thsi helps
best regards :wink:

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And I also use manifestation to change beliefs, according with Teal Swan. Thank you. God bless you.

Could you elaborate how you change your beliefs with manifestation o.O? I think I am suffering from s misunderstanding.


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oh never seen that one gonna check it out later :slight_smile: TY

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