Theravadan monk breaks down PMO, addiction

Hey y’all,
Check out this video of Yuttadammo Bhikkhu, a Theravadan monk, talking about PMO, smoking, addiction, etc. If you watch it, let me know what you think.

WARNING: most of the talk is about addiction from a Buddhist and scientific point of view, but in the last few minutes, he starts comparing his view to Christianity.

I am not posting this to make anyone uncomfortable; I don’t hold all the same values that are represented here. I am posting because I think some of the content of what he is saying could be helpful to folks here and give people a different way of thinking about PMO.

Please share your thoughts, thank you!



Don’t keep things at arms length, but like the experiment of asking people to actively forget, takes more brain power than when asked to remember.

28:00 :+1:

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Thanks for sharing this @MJ2019

I haven’t watched it all yet, but been dipping in and out because it’s so long, saying that it’s nice to take the time to ponder on what he is talking about.
From 28:00 struck me, as also did the idea of separating the physical and mental :wink::+1:

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