thennarasuWarrior dairy

Aiming to achieve one week of NOPMO.
And also i record about everyday tasks towards my goals.

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Great goal, you am definitely do it!
Looking forward to the record!

Go for that streak
Best wishes!

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Hey, Thanks!
Lets come out of this Mental SLAVERY!!

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8 days free.
Target is to make it 21 days .

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its okay…11days and fapped once with porn.
Now the target is 1 week … Lets go

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it feels good to fap… its pleasurable .
then why i feel like i need to quit ?
no big reason…
there is no relation between fapping and other stuffs really…
but always we are thinking about it and day dreaming then thats really a distraction towards achieving our goals.

if i really do one long reboot then surely i thank myself because , after that reboot we feel like needy towards sex and masturbation. so our thoughts are more inclined towards goals and stuffs we are doing. mental clarity will surely be one of the reason to quit.

as we are in india, not talking to girls but only fapping is also a regret for sure.

but for days atleast maybe for a year. its good to reboot. Then later we have less horny thoughts and may also have developed the confidence to approach women not as objects but we see little more meaning and connection towards them and eventually yes the climax may happen. But we feel satisfied there , but here as an addict we feel more slavery .

So simply lets first try to go for 1 month and thenn 2,3 months maybe upto a year. its gonna worth it.

its not gonna be a easy journey. but we can make it easy but just working towards our goals and projects.

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The Reason why i want to Abstain Porn, Sex, Maturbation:


So after a year or so i feel much more than just an ADDICT. We will be inclined much towards our goals in life and MAN UP

  1. Mental Prison to SELF CONTROL.

also remeber that you will ahve a weaker focus on PMO the longer your streak is since you automatically do otherthings that you enjoy more… beware of the willpower mehtod! use the easy peasy way :wink:

keep that streak going!


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1 week in .
soon about to fall …maybe
because i feel the pain inside and emptyness. I search for something … The needyness of pleasure is more right now. There is no strong desire to grow , atleast wasn’t good enough when compared with desire to needyness/lust. The pleasure of fapping is instant and readily available with different contents of those sites. But to get real pleasure like that or nearly equal i need to work too hard moving * .
I feel soo weak right now, no self control constantly watching more anime … waiting for some good day is about to change my life. For the sake of present feeling , to feel good , the needyness of pleasure, those thoughts of feeling good, enough its already a week its ok if we take this porn drug ones in a while, no problem… i dont know to really i find the way and get through this shit of pornography …
Whats missing inside of me that i want to rely on this shitty addiction ?
Loneliness and fear,stress of work to get that success and deep void and pain inside of me wants me feel good i dont even know what

anyway i continue the journey to find the answers … Lets go like a warrior. not giving in to temporary personal feelings and thoughts…No Matter What i conquer this drug this time and rewire my mind successfully. I FOCUS ON MY MISSION AND WORK HARD UNTIL IT TOTALLY DRAINS ME DOWN. LETS GO

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a feeling of missing out. how do you handle guys ?

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I lack mindset really. The desire to fap and watch girls is more than any desire to end the addiction. I decided to read EASYPEASY BOOK Now.

If i built the right mindset i wont fall for masturbation and porn i think soo

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Boom Boom… My brain right now is madly looking for dopamine spike.

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Is this is the reason for giving up thenn?

For a silly reason like this??..

1 day of restlessness no sleep at all due to brothers marriage function. But now from afternoon brain is looking for dopamine spike to feel good.

If you control yourself this time, you get one step closer to recovery thenn.

Just eat and sleep well. Keep the mobile down. Don’t use that anymore.

You can do it man. It’s easy really. Go on


It’s just a flatline. The feeling of sadness and emptiness. It’s the sign of going in the right direction. There’s no solution for that, ust patience and keeping yurself busy, meeting people.
Don’t make plans for next 2, 3, 4 months. Only today is the day when you mustn’t fap.
Good luck :wink: