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Today I woke up early and started completing all my tasks, but my mind was busy fantasizing the whole time, but somehow I was trying to control it, and then in the evening when I was alone in my room, I suddenly got very strong urges to watch p***, and my mind convinced me that I will just watch but not ejaculate, but in the end I fapped. And now feeling very low and no energy.

I am stuck in this loop from about a month, and could not able to make it for more than 3-4 days.
Up until now, I wasn’t taking this into serious consideration, but now I have decided to write here daily, I will write all my thoughts here so that I can track what’s actually going on in my mind so that I can save myself from falling into the shitty trap again.


Good job @TheDominator. This diary will help you a lot. No more living a life full of shame. Promise yourself and your companions that you will never ever relapse again. PMO is no more a option after you have joined here. Unleash the beast in you


@valiant_warrior Thanks for the valuable post. Your support is greatly appreciated.

It’s time to sleep and as usual I am getting the urges, I am most vulnerable during this time, but now I promise I will never relapse! So I will bear the pain of resisting the temptations, but not gonna give up💪

Instead of acting upon the urges, I decided to write down my thoughts here, and now I’m feeling much better and confident. It was a good decision to start this diary.

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Anyone wanna do 1 week challenge? After that 2 week? Then one month?

Todays been a hard day to resistent, but this community saved me. Cant wait to begin a new week

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@goalistocontrol Let’s challenge each other until one of us relapses. Here’s my sharing code - eldfmr

Add me and I’ll follow you back. Then if you relapsed I’ll unfollow you. If I relapsed, then you unfollow me. Let’s see who lasts longer in the challenge. All the best👊

Hey guys! I also want to join to challenge who withstand longer :smiley:

My code: 7xgs4n

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So here I have successfully completed day 1. And today I got very mild urges, which I easily overcame, although I fantasized a lot. I am trying to be mindful of my thoughts, and also trying to live in the present moment.

And now it’s time to sleep, and I know what my mind is planning and it will try his best by giving all the possible excuses to convince me to jerk off tonight. But I will also prove him that who’s the boss here. I am ready to suffer, but relapse is not an option anymore!

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