The way to win the masturbation

I am on 521 days and have some tips

0-30 days: use all your willpower and all the resources you can to hold on

30-90 days: in this period you will be a little more resistant, but your mind will make you want to stop for whatever reasons. So create goals, like 50 and 100 days

90-120: this is the crucial point of your journey. If you get through this, you will be able to hold on to a much longer streak. You will probably want to make concessions to yourself, such as “just one video”. Resist. Change your environment, meditate, do whatever it takes to endure.

120-356: from here, you’ll be far enough along that you be able to handle the urge more easily, to the point where you can make it to 365 days.

I didn’t quote any method, and none of this is a rule. Everyone does their own fighting in their own way. Don’t fight based on promises of superpowers, fight in search of improving yourself as a person. Keep this in mind: don’t get attached to numbers, like 1000 days, it will only hurt you, see each day as a unique battle.


Brother can you please share your sharing code. And your tips are really helpful, I am going to reach 30 days using these tips. I am currently at 18 days


Hi! I am new in the Forum, so I don’t know how to send you this code. Good luck! Still strong.

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Go to the companions Column in the app and in there you will see three dots inside a blue circle click there and select My sharing code, the code which you see then is called sharing code

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