The Urge Strikes Back aaaaaaaaaa

You guys know how to suppress the urge to do “that”? I tried many activities but the urge keep striking like it’s doing a carpet bombing over me, pls answer before I relapse aaaaaaa

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This always has happeded to me. Bro GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM immediately. If possible spend your whole day outside! Just dont relapse!

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Thanks bro, fortunately my science teacher just told the class there will be exam tomorrow, the urge has retreated but will strike again probably

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My 7-step action plan for dealing with urges. Recently made after current relapse.

Step 1 : Acknowledge the urge. Think “I am having an urge to fap. It’s ok. Temptation will strike. This is what we have trained for. It is the choice we make right now that matters. I have the willpower, mental strength, and discipline to conquer this urge and come out on top.”
Step 2: Drop the phone/Close the laptop instantly. No thinking, no reasoning. Each second is precious.
Step 3: Get to the roof/Get out of the house
Step 4: A quick workout. Anything will do- pushups, burpees, dips, jumping jacks, situps, squats, whatever.
Step 5: Meditate for a while.
Step 6: Come back to the house, Read a few pages/grab a snack/music/take a cold shower.
Step 7: Call or talk irl to friends/Read the journal+Reasons why I started/tell my AP how I conquered the urge.

I am trying to follow this exact same plan step by step whenever I hit urges. The beauty of this is it not only kills urges, it instantly elevates mood and confidence, enforces my discipline. You can follow this, or try to make your own plan.

Also, try your best to stay away from trigger zones or cues which give you urges in the first place. Stay strong!!