The urge is almost taking over me, Send help

Someone help me, i don’t know but my urges is kicking. Send nu- i mean help


Haha :joy::joy::joy:
Great… This is so funny bro :rofl:


For urges, the best method is to is to ignore them and Stay busy. During urges, avoid using internet, mobile, social media, and watching movies.


Say to yourself

  1. Porn has never been useful to me
  2. Porn is a poison and i dont want to punish myself by taking this slow poison.
  3. Porn will not make me feel good. It wont make me relax. It wont put me at ease. It will only make me miserable, sad and depressed. The rush i feel of Dopamine will only be maximum when i decide to relapse and type in words in search engine. Its the rush of the chase. As soon as i will see an image, i wont feel pleasure. So this dopamine rush only motivates me to break my streak. It won’t give me pleasure by actually seeing porn. Its a fake promise. A hollow promise that will make me hollow.
  4. I dont want to relapse. I don’t want to watch porn and jerk off like i used to when i was a pathetic loser. If i dont want to ruin my life, then this desire i feel to PMO is not mine. This is just my addicted monster trying to make me miserable thinking i would reach for porn to feel good but I won’t this time.
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wear headphones :headphones:


:fire::fire::fire:5 MAGICAL POINTS to AVOID and DEFUSE a RELAPSE :fire::fire::fire:

These are some points I have learned in my journey from experience and from other amazing companions.

POINT 1. Just avoid visual and auditory i.e. ALL TRIGGER. Stay the hell away from screen, social media and movies (also series and animes). Don’t check out girls or opposite gender.

POINT 2. Stay busy to defeat physical urges. Don’t fight the urges, it will get powerful if we concentrate on it. Staying busy is the ultimate weapon to defeat horniness. Staying busy for a lifelong goal and dream is better. Follow a routine. Don’t divert from it.

POINT 3. Never fantasize. If a sexual though comes, just focus on something else. It just takes 5 seconds to redirect to a new thought. Entertaining a thought will increase its power and make you more horny and create powerful urges. So focus on something else.

POINT 4. Don’t touch your privates ever. Don’t put your hands in the pants. NO Touching!!!

POINT 5. Remember your horrible feelings after EVERY. SINGLE. RELAPSE!!!. No porn will satisfy you. No masturbation will make you happy. PMO will not decrease your stress. It will not relax you. You don’t need PMO to feel good. You don’t want PMO anymore. YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED BY PMO ANYMORE. YOU VIEW PMO AS DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE AND VOMIT PRODUCING. YOUR PAST IS PAST. NOW YOU ARE A NEW AND BETTER PERSON. AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THAT CRAP!!!.

After breaking from the conscious mental attraction of PMO, now just take a cold shower or put cold water on your privates (if you know for sure you won’t touch yourself). Then stay busy in your task. Or take a walk, socialize, eat or drink something and exercise.

Practice these 5 points. Make it a habit and you will NEVER relapse!!!

Congratulations, you just avoided and defused a relapse. You are getting better at this. SOON , YOU WILL ACHIEVE HIGHER STREAKS AND BREAK FREE !!!. MAN, YOU are SIMPLY AWESOME :fire::fire::fire:


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