The Urge Button


What about a mini game or series of mini games in the Urges button? It may help get people’s mind off of whatever it is on. I am not a fan of the breathing, music, and meditation, but I would still really like somewhere to go whenever I get urges. Just a thought, not sure what it would take to implement. But please at least look into it and consider it.


I think it is great idea!

Thumbs up!

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Just open another app with game

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@Hubinho the biggest problem with that is most other apps have sexual ads, which is a terrible thing if you’re in the middle of an urge.


I’m not a game developer, I like your proposal but this sort of thing doesn’t come in my domain.


@Taher What would it take to have somebody help with it? Honest question


I don’t see how anyone can help, supposing someone can provide the code for it, what about maintaing it? That’s some long term commitment. I’d advice just find a random game from the play store (there are few without ads, or pay to remove ads).

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@Taher Lol, the whole point of this app is long term commitment, is it not? But I see your point, thanks for your time.