The Ultra Monk Mode Challenge 10 days [entries closed] PART 2

This challenge is all about total elimination of chances to relpase

  1. when urged through your mobile away
  2. **lower ** your gaze
  3. ** no entertainment **from screen


  1. Searching and starring opposite sex
  2. Peeking
  3. Edging
  4. Unnecessarily using mobile device a lot
  5. Fantasizing for more than 60 sec
  6. To search any thing even closely related to ADULTRY

From (29 April to 9May)

1st part winners : @adad and

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Duration is just for 10 days
19/4/21 to 29/4/21

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1.Adad (rggxqk) :white_check_mark:
2.@nofapstar123. :white_check_mark:
3.@slave_of_allah. :white_check_mark:
4.@Adarah. :x: :white_check_mark:

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I request you all to please update here honestly

Bro me too please add me in this challenge

Hey brother I would like to join this challenge.

Sharing code, l6ankk

Check in :white_check_mark:
Don’t feed the urge as lost time would never come back

Brother you are removed from this challenge because you didn’t have prvoided the link yet

Check in, :white_check_mark:

Had few urges after getting up from sleep but fought back and Alhamdulillah I am good now…

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@slave_of_allah Brother take it easy
Never panic
Be positive
And just say “I will not feed the urge”.

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I am good now, I won’t feed the urge…
Today is jumuah

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I am sorry akhi I am out of the challenge :pensive:

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You all are again there in challenge
But his time be serios

Ok sir

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@Adarah bro dont be too overcofident

Day 4 and going Alhamdulillah

Yes sir
I am ready for challenge

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