"The Ultimate Study Challenge" (Entries limited to serious Participants)

Welcome to the Fortnight Study Challenge.

  • As the quote goes “The Rarest of all human Qualities is CONSISTENCY”

  • One way to be consistent is to have an accountability partner. That’s the purpose of this challenge

PS: Any fruitful discussion on nofap is always welcome


  1. You can either challenge someone or participate individually.
  2. Challenges will last for 1 week for 1V1. Person who clocks higher number of hours wins.
  3. 1 point for 1 hour of study .
  4. At the end of the day update on the Thread about study hours and also update the points table
  5. Ranking is based on cumulative hours put into study in two weeks. Winners will be declared end of every 14 days.

Running Challenges (1 Vs 1)

Points Table

Challenger Credits
The_wild_perception (9)+(9)+(7.5)+(8)+(6)+(0)+(0)+(3)+5)=48.5
RAJAMEGHANAN (12)+(9.5)+(9)+(11)+(9)+(7)+(3)+(9.5)+(7)=77
Praghosh (1)+ (1)+ (2)+(2)+(2)+(3)=11
Survivor2002 (1.9)+(2.2)+(2)+(1.1)+(5)+(2.6)+(4)+(1)+(1.8)+(2.1)+(2.5)+(0.5)+(3)+(3)=32.7
Binocular (9)+(9)+(7)+(5)+(6)+(3)=39
DoneWithThisAddiction (2) + (4) = 6


1. Rookie - 20 hours :medal_military:

2. Veteran - 85 hours. :medal_sports:

3. Elite - 100 Hours.:3rd_place_medal:

4. Pro - 110 hours.:2nd_place_medal:

5. Master - 125 hours :1st_place_medal:


November -


Add me in

Code - 8uwuwa

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Let’s study soldiers!

SC: 4e8x24

Let’s move forward together :shamrock:


Il post update on the details by the end of the day

Go through the intro of the thread. Suggestions are welcome.

Add me also brother sharing code is p54vg3

Edit the post above…enter your names and call out your challengers.

5.5 hours up until now

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@The_wild_perception count me in
Code: 8yvm9e

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Just post the amount of hours you studied or screenshots.

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@The_wild_perception ok. I will do that. Just a simple suggestion. If you could add rewards for winners of battles or something like that? It will keep the members more motivated.

You can look up this thread to make up a better one. Let’s make up this the best

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Can u suggest anything? Il make sure to add it …for some reason i cannot make the entire thing editable

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Suggest a format…il update when I’m free

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@The_wild_perception I hope it’s ok for now. Here are just less people. It won’t be much of a problem. Just the suggestion of small challenges like weekly can be kept.

9 hours today


Done…look at the info tab…I’ve kept it for 2 weeks… should it be a week only?

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Yesterday and Today 1 hour . Will improve tomorrow for sure

Add your name to the leader board

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@The_wild_perception no bro let it be 2 weeks. Its fine.

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What’s name of the app bro