The True Fulfilling Pleasure

Pleasure is needed. You cannot cut it off. What’s wrong is the type of pleasure, where no willpower is needed, all you have to do is just sit down, open that tab on your laptop and relapse into depression and suffering. That’s the wrong type of pleasure and it stretches far over other bad habits (smoking, drinking…).
You have to seek the good type of pleasure. This type takes strength, motivation and determination. This type comes only after hours and hours of work and development. For this kind of pleasure you have to get up and go for it through your weaknesses, lack of motivation and frustration. This pleasure is The Pleasure. Go for it. It’s better, more deserved.

Hope you will survive even today.
Goat’s out


Nowadays,I am getting The Pleasure No. 2

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Thats the spirit friend

People, hear the words of the goat!


I never trusted goats, but this one might be different…