The tales of Jensen, from PMO to Hero

This is my journal of freeing my brain from the filth of porn. Shits not gonna be easy, but I am ready to do this.


Add me bro 2nc3sp

We will fight together

Allright, already added you

For the record,

The last time I relapsed was at 11:55PM 27/12/2019 so I started my counter again at 12AM, 28/12/2019.

I know that is not a significant date but if there’s something Nofap has taught me all these years, it is the date has nothing to do with the success of your journey. You can start on the first day of the year and fail on the 2nd if you are not ready. Date has nothing to do with your success of Nofap. Your will power does.

I’ll try my best to do daily check in here. Pray for me, guys.


Yes …i pray for you bro

I cant see you in my list…what is your user name?? I cant see the name jensen

My code is bezpqs

That is my code.

Best wishes to you bro. May you grow and inspire.

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Daily check in.

Day 1 :ballot_box_with_check:


67 hours of Sobriety.

Yes. I am gonna use hours instead of days frow now on. So it looks cooler. Hahaha.

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This is actually a complicated case. I masturbated. Not to porn, but to a ‘phone sex’ with my girlfriend. The thing is, I tried to suggest to her that starting 2020, we won’t be doing that anymore but she just could not take the suggestion well. She didn’t know about my PMO addiction and I am not planning to tell her that because I know she is not ready for that. So yeah, we did that but I feel damn guilty because I actually did not to break my streak and mess up my nofap progress.

As far as my Porn addiction goes, it has been three days of no porn and frankly speaking, I didn’t miss it (so far). The streak of no porn is still well intact but I will still reset my app counter back to zero as I think that is the right thing to do after I masturbated.

It is a shame, but I just have to soldier on. I just need to find a solution to my ‘phone sex’ problem a.s.a.p .

NOPORN Counter : 3 Days
NOFAP Counter : 0

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Around 7 am this morning… I got one of the biggest urge to look at porn in 2020. Yes, it has been 5 days since last time I watched porn (2 days of PMO free). That urge came from watching an old MadTV skit from YT.

Thankfully, I got rid of the urge as soon I realized it was coming. What I did is just by getting off the bed and jumped around, and then went back to sleep. Before this, when I got an urge like that, I would have tried to fight it off, while laying on the bed and ended up losing every time.

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It has been a while since I write here. I wanted to say I am cured but sadly I am still struggling with this. Been trying since 2015 and yet 5 years after, I still can’t manage to overcome my addiction. I have been PMO’ing since I was 14, which is 21 years ago and it is damn hard to stop. The first time I got into this Nofap, I thought that this is gonna be a piece of cake. Looks like I have badly underestimated my addiction and now I am paying the price for it.

I am currently 2 days sober (from PMO) and today I feel like shit. It feels like I have nothing to go for in this world anymore. I recently broke up with my gf after I have found out she was catfishing me all for two years. I recently lost my job because of the Covid19 and now things are looking bad for me. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope I will somehow get myself out of this situation. A slim one but still a hope nevertheless.