The Secret Of Energy 🔋

I want to talk something important here. It is so important that your whole fucking Life depands upon it.
I had masturbated for 11 years continously. On an average i used to ejaculate my sperms everyday. Sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. Obiously without even need i masturbated like my body was on autopilot mode. Soon it became a habit and later on an addiction.
So why i am telling you my story because As a Result of daily Orgasms or ejaculation of sperms My Energy Levels droped to “Minus something” Suppose a Human has a potential of 100. My energy levels dropped in minus. It means i literaly was on the edge of Death. I had so many problems and diseases, you fucking name it. I had become like a ZOMBIE :dizzy_face: man.

As i was on my bed counting my breathes i somehow learnt about NoFap. Bro it saved my life and brought my Energy above zero.
The strength of addiction was so strong that one and a half years have passed but still unable to achieve my Reboot of 90 days. Currently i am on 12th day hard mode.

I have experienced a tremendous change in myself. The main thing that i want to discuss in this topic is energy levels of a human and how it depletes. This i must say is the biggest secret i am about to reveal. Sperms are our Life Force, Our energy decreses when we have Orgasms/ejaculation of sperms by masturbation or sex On the opposite, our energy increases when we dont have orgasms. Wetdreams is a natural phenomenon and doesnt reduces our energy. Dead sperms is lost only. Body always keep fresh sperms inside. I am saying so because i am experiencing the Rise of my energy levels daily

We as a human should achive our full potential that is 100 % Energy Level.

Thanks :hugs:


Thanks for this inspirational post. You are doing a great job contributing to so many people out there.
Keep up the great work.

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Keep up the good work bro
You’ll hit the 90 day streak this time
Keep going stay strong