The reason behind my pmo addiction. The nice guy syndrome

I started reading a book no more mr nice guys few days ago. Completed 50 pages and I found that my friends are not a severe addict as I am. This is bcoz I have been bottling up my emotions inside like every nice guy does.

I have found all these symptoms coincide with my current behavior. I really feel bad about me. But it might me a good chance for me to improve my life


@Byebyemediocrity Great book bro. I recommend it. Time to repair all harms, now you are aware of it and now you know how to repair it.


If you are a nice guy… be a great guy
How ? You can start by ceasing to read books that make you feel worse than you started :joy:

Instead, I recommend you read the 5 am club …it has none of the psycho analysis shit …
Its pure motivation and practical approach to make you a ‘legend’ from a ‘mediocre’ person


Problem with “nice guy syndrome” has every man who was brought up without strong man hand, usually by women(Mother, grandmather) and the absence of father(literal or metaphorical) But it can be cured by taking right men’s patterns of behaviours.

@bb1508 great book you recommended.I will for sure read it :smiley:


Sure I will read it. @bb1508

I don’t want to think that way bcoz without knowing I am a nice guy, in the past I always for what others would think, without caring about my needs. you know what I wouldn’t posted this if I haven’t read that book. I always want to avoid argument and be a good guy among others. The worst part is I even felt proud about that.


Now you know who you are …that acceptance on your part …
Now what? --> you must focus on this question…for which you don’t need to complete the whole ‘mr nice guy book’ .

You can simply start referring other books which would practically help you solve the puzzle…eg 5 am club or other as per ur wish

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