The Pheromonal Beta

From a biomechanical perspective, the indication is that men who consistently masturbate are essentially broadcasting their status as Pheromonal Betas – and women’s biochemical mechanics subconsciously registers this about them. Higher testosterone males manifest their sexual viability in both sexual assertiveness and scent.

If you are chronically depleted of testosterone, and/or subjected to the calming effects of oxytocin your sexual viability is at a disadvantage. In fact, from an evolutionary standpoint, the Beta males of our feral hunter-gatherer beginnings would be more prone to masturbation as a sexual release since, theoretically, they would’ve had less access to breeding opportunities than Alpha males. It would then follow that definitive, subconscious behavioral and chemical cues would evolve to aid females in selecting the best mate for parental investment.

So, for as much as Beta guys would like to have you believe that snapping your radish before a date will improve your chances of fucking the girl, odds are you’re shooting yourself in the foot. This stupid belief is rooted in the “Something about Mary” myth that women don’t want an overly sexualized man, but the biological truth is far from that. The myth is one that women need to be comfortable with a guy in order to sleep with him, so men will actively de-sexualize themselves in order to comply. However, all indications point to a need for sexual anxiety and tension in arousal to prompt sexual intercourse.

Comfort and trust are post-orgasm conditions; anxiety, arousal and sexual urgency are pre-orgasm conditions – and both have their own unique hormonal signatures.


According to my life experience:





100% True-
Here’s another additional POV-When we PMO, we get dopamine because we trick our brain into thinking we have procreated.

However, when we don’t PMO, our brain is aware, and thus works more to improve our ability to procreate, and by that, I mean that to procreate we need someone to procreate with, hence the brain automatically sends in some nutrients and the like to make us more attractive, since, in the end, it’s basically survival instinct.

Since more energy, musculature, and deeper voice and confidence are know to be attractive, and we have more testosterone, the brain uses it for ‘self-development’. Of course- alpha men are more attractive than beta-men, so that’s here too, like you wisely said @pakamoto


Very nice lines. Intuitive. I haven’t thought in that perspective.

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