The Patrons (A friend in need is a friend indeed)

Hello all,

This thread has been created for the sole purpose of helping those who are unable to overcome the addiction. If you are following someone’s streak and you notice that the guy has relapsed then please mention you friend here and encourage him.
Remind him why he started this journey. Remind him how much he matters to you. Remind him what amazing streaks he accomplished in the past. Shower your love and praise on him and let him know that we all want to see him on the winning side.


@Martial_Beast you have been one of the best among all of us. Many of us have started writing diary after seeing your to do lists.
We all look upon you and we all know you are gonna bounce back stronger than ever.

No more relapses

More power to you brother :facepunch:


@udaCisie, no matter what, don’t back down! There’s hella difference between failing and giving up. Do not do the second one. Don’t lose confidence, happiness and fate and you’ll do a lot better. Brother, stay determined…


@muradelizade06 thank you, also want you to do what is in your power to maintain the streak


@tanmay_ck enough is enough… stop fapping now
you were doing so good… please stop now

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Yes @_KarmaYogi this time I’m not going to give any excuse. I’m the only one who entertaining the urges, now enough is really enough!! I’m tired of this shit now :persevere:
I’ll give my best only!!!:fire: