The pathetic habit of peeking

I’m writing this to take it off of my chest. I have a pathetic habit of peaking. I don’t usually go to hardcore stuff though (only a couple of times). The devil inside me starts encouraging to peak small things. It’s the small things now and then peaking for a while, gradually increases to a higher level of the content and after reaching to a level a voice comes inside me to stop. Thank God (Alhumdulilah) I didn’t relapse or not even come close to relapsing. I’m on day 86 currently but I’m sure that my benefits are already messed up. By the way, one thing I’ve noticed is that 100% of my peaks were at home. Unfortunately, the libraries aren’t opened here yet. Your suggestions/advice on this is much appreciated.


I would suggest restart brother.
You won’t like it, but yes.

I was in the same position as you last month. I also posted a similar confession. 77 days streak but with pathetic peeking habit. Nothing hardcore, no fapping, nothing. Just peeking.

I reset my counter becuase that’s cheating.

Now I’m on day 14 with Christ’s help. It was hard to recover after 77 days but I’m here now.

Thing is, I’m experiencing more benefits in this 14 day streak already than I did on my 77 day streak. All because I adopted a new rule:

Peeking = relapse

Not everyone has to follow this rule, but I do. Helps a lot. Already passed benefits I saw only on day 60 on previous streak. And got more new benefits.

Choice is yours brother.


Thanks for the advice man.

However, I have to disagree Although peaking isn’t recommended, resetting the counter would be an unwise decision. As soon as you click the reset button after a long streak you enter into a chaser effect lucky for you if you didn’t. Getting out of it would take several weeks. The chaser effect is by far the lowest point for nofapper. I must emphasize the fact that the combination of P, M&O does more damage than just a mere peaking. And the small amount of benefit that might have gotten if we didn’t relapse would be clocked to Zero

Watching X rated movies or browsing social media, sometimes we consume triggering content unintentionally. That I believe has some sort of peaking stimulation. Thereby damaging the recovery. It would be impossible to have a hard mode of recovery. Resetting for a such small incidence of the peak could cost in much worse consequence of chaser effect. The number of days plays a major role in motivating me to not gap, I don’t know about others but it keeps me away from touching my junk.
This is my personal opinion that works for me.

Although I haven’t restart the counter, I’ve reinforced the restrictions as of day one’s. Basic stuff, planning the day, not staying alone.


Sure man @krishvamsi30 it’s your choice.

I agree that resetting counter will tremendously urge relapse and that chaser effect is a beast. I am only now recovering from it.

However, you must do a complete purge. No more peeking. At all. It will be harder for you then becuase your brain will say that you’ve already peeked before, just do it again and continue. I fell for this so many times. That’s why I reset my streak.

Also if you peek and don’t masturbate, you will get the benefits of not masturbating, but you will not rewire your brain. Your old dopamine receptors will still fire at porn. Only way to stop this is cold turkey of all porn at any level.

Only half of the benefits will be experienced. You will still be secretly ahamed as well.

Anyway, you’ve made your choice. Just be sure not to peek from now.


Fortunately, I’ve not been falling for that though. It mostly happens when I accidentally get in contact with triggering content and I don’t stop. The next thing I try to intentionally dig a little bit deeper and a few of the times I even ended up in hardcore stuff too.

These are damaged I can assure you. :sob:

You’re advice though is absolutely correct. It’s time to go cold turkey with the process but without resetting the counter. I don’t mind taking more time than the standard time to recover it’s just that inside my heart there’ll still be the motivation that I didn’t commit PMO for X number of days. Besides I’m primarily focused on Semen retention. Once again thanks for spending your valuable time on the advice, much appreciated. Btw do you still watch movies or series? I’ve avoided many.

All the best.


Hey @krishvamsi30

You are right. Peeking is pathetic. So is relapsing, actually. Because it’s the same…

I’m going to have to agree with @Ash_Matt here. He is right. Peaking is relapsing. Putting it any other way is just trying to fool yourself. That’s what makes this behavior pathetic in the first place.

Try to look at the situation this way:
You watch porn, masturbate and have an orgasm. You realize that PMOing is damaging you and you make the positive decision that you want to quit this filth for ever. Now, keep in mind that you never decided to become a PMO addict. It happened, because at one point in your life, you had that “one peek”. Maybe watching porn for the first time felt disgusting or maybe it just made you courious. Either way, it was that “one” first look that got you hooked. Then another look. And another. And another. And another… it takes time to realize that it all started with that first look. However, the positive side is, that it also all ends with the last look.

So now you are here and you want to quit this filth. You keep going back though. Your pathetic habit of peeking is nothing but you trying to get yourself hooked again.

Take care man, you can do it.


That is good :+1: for you.
Personally, since childhood, I’m more into reading than watching movies. The exception being my favourite movie series from childhood- How to Train your dragon- I’ve watched and played everything related to it :joy: .
I’ve not had the cable TV or movies since childhood. So now, even though I have those subscriptions and cable TV, I actually never use them. Basically, I never watch them, because I never did.

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