The only thing I like about NNN

That it allows you to test yourself and get realistic about how out of control your masturbation habit has become.

To everyone who relapsed and is bitching about it… I want to tell you a few things…
a)to get back up on your feet. You built this habit for years and months don’t expect it to go away after 5 days! Write it as a win. Then try again.
b)Write down what caused you to relapse. Was it Anxiety? Lonliness? Social Media?
What will you do about it? Will you erase your instagram account (for example) ?
c)Find a mentor you like that can coach you through this. There are people who are succesful in quitting and can show you how
(if you need someone to follow PM me).
d)if you think it will be a walk in the park to fix this problem erase that thought from your head. Do your best to face the reality.

Stay awesome.

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