The newbies .... The beginners



Sharing code - cef6b4

Current streak - 0
Highest streak -0
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - India

Let’s compete.


You wanna compete let’s do it
I just relapsed few hours ago and so determined for big streak this time
Code - aab334

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Code is: cb1499 let’s do this

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Let’s take up 30 day challenge


Ok let’s do it for 30 days

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#metoo 2f5d76 let’s do it together


I’d love to join you guys…
My code is 17ff15.


Hi I would really like to join. But where can I see my Code.


Go to “my companions” and click the plus sign and it’s under " my sharing code" @julianheller9


Hi. Thanks. But I think I can’t do anything right now. If I follow your steps there is standing ‘website work in progress’ so … Am f***ed


Did you click on the 2 people next to the timer on the top right? @julianheller9


Hey @julianheller9 press the icon next to timer…and then the ‘+’ symbol you will get an option to add companion


Day 2 completed and it feels amazing to see the counter reach from 0 to 1 to 2… I am just focused on seeing it turn 30… How are you guys holding?


added u
my code - ccec0e


Thx dude got it. 0e76e7

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