The negative effects of masturbation

Masturbation increases the discomfort in life, the more a person masturbates, the more resentful he becomes, and this leads to depression, unhappiness, lack of motivation, and other problems.

If masturbation is healthy as many claims, why do so many people complain about the pain and negative effects of masturbation?

In the beginning, you may notice an increase in comfort, but as in all types of addiction, a path begins like this, then with the act of addiction - as a compulsive behavior - the person continues, and not only that but increases the use and the negative effects begin to appear and it is difficult with that to stop this harmful compulsive behavior.

Religion here has nothing to do with the feelings of masturbators because even non-religious people go through the same experience of pain because of the negative side of that ‘habit’

We live in a world where you can say that masturbation gives its owner pleasure and relieves stress, but if you say that masturbation causes you some aches and pains you will be seen as a conscious or unconscious victim of ‘religious brainwashing’

One post on Yahoo makes this point well: “People often claim that any decrease in concentration and memory is driven by a psychological effect of guilt. This means that: Everything is in your brain and therefore is purely imaginary.”

However, as the doctor said, of course, it happens in your head, Harry, but everything that is not on earth does not mean that it is not real."

Yes, I know it is out of context, but the concept is correct:

Should our self-perceptions be on memory, awareness, and focus on being unreal just because they are immaterial? There are still neural interactions, and synaptic connections in the brain that operate continuously or as a result of environmental influences, ingestion of chemicals, and course are affected by the action of thinking.

And even if I’m aware of poor concentration, poor short-term memory and affecting me at least for a day or so and then back to normal for me it all just happens in my brain even though it’s happening in my mind but it’s It happens as if I do not perceive it through any of the five senses.

So far it has been proven that ejaculation through masturbation can cause temporary negative side effects in the brain.

Well, isn’t the brain the most important organ in the body?

And if someone faces these effects after every time of masturbation every day, even if it is a temporary effect, it can become very harmful.

I want to point it correctly that both pleasure and pain flow in the brain so if you masturbate without your brain you will not get any pleasure and if you burn your hand on a hot stove without the brain you will not feel any pain.

Just as pleasure is subjective, so is pain. Doctors, counselors, physicians, health professionals, and other health professionals often receive complaints from people who masturbate, and their complaints include the following list of negative side effects:

_Difficulty performing real intercourse 70.3%
_fatigue 70.1%
_Erectile dysfunction 52%
_stress 64.7%
_Headache 27.7%
_Premature ejaculation 47.1%
_Semen leakage 28%
_21.6% decrease in orgasm
_Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex 22.8%
_Interest in gays and transgender people 15%
_Memory impairment 70%
_Low back pain 41.7%
_Impotence (impotence) 36%
_worried 52.3%
_mood swings 70%
_Thinner 36.3%
_Increased feelings of loneliness and shame, and the desire for solitude 49.6%
_ Increased sense of guilt 76.4%
_Loss of motivation and motivation for achievement 41.6%
_Depression and lack of happiness 74%
_Suicidal thoughts 12.9%
_Body aches 34.3%
_Tension 50.7%
_ Hair loss 66%

Now, do you suffer from negative side effects?

You can read a list of negative effects in published scientific medical journals to verify for yourself whether masturbation is healthy or not?

The negative side effects of masturbation are real, as there are physical laws that control the health of the body, brain, and nervous system.

It does not matter if you are a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a secularist, if you violate these laws you will produce one certain result.

Every day people testify about how masturbation affects their lives.
The truth is that masturbation is unhealthy, but people want to hear good things about their bad habits; So they try hard to numb their consciences with silly justifications like it’s “normal” and “everyone does it.” 80 years ago they said the same thing about cigarettes, “Hey, smoking is healthy, look everybody does it.”

There are now seven, eight, and nine-year-old boys and girls who have become addicted to p.orn and masturbation.

If these neural pathways are established in the brain, it is almost impossible to keep them away from this addiction

Just as night follows day, this addiction brings bad consequences for their owners. Addicts spend their lives looking for help in all the wrong places, yet no one wants to give up hope.


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