The meaning of fun & life

if you want to feel the fun and always be happy even if it is simple thing there is only one way and you will have to take it . it is getting rid of this addiction . we have to know that we are not having a normal life . we love success and want to be successful but we are too lazy to try to conquer this addiction .if really want to achieve a goal you have to know that it is not easy . dont say but work for it . and always stick to the plan that most of us know . sometimes we feel that there is no body feeling the same but actually there are . the life is great and we are getting older everyday at least we can enjoy it and have some fun . i think most of us dreamt that he had a nice family and great children but with this addiction we are going to the opposite direction . sometimes i think and say what will happen if i grew up and i am lonely . everyone should think about this . it is not too hard to get rid from this addiction but it needs discipline and patience .

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It was very inspiring. Thank you @zzashal :blush:


This is a great message thank you Brother

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We need more posts like this.

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I was so motivated towards achieving nofap. I set myself an impossible task of not fapping ever. Then the urges got magnified, infinite times. Then I set 31 day target. That too started dwindling. I could barely reach 20. All that work. Was brought to end just by a small simple naughty sex. I feel good about it, but a little sad that I gave in to sex. After relapsing I was pretty happy for the progress I made. I never reached 20 in last 2 years. And I reached 20 just by getting inspired from posts shared on this forum. I had to fight urges everyday like 5-9 times from day 13-19. Ultimately I ended up giving myself to these carnal desires. However there was one take out for me in all this never ending battle. This small failure gave me a lesson to learn. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, or how many times you give up. What matters is how well and effectively you bounce back after falling from such height. I’m now setting myself a target of 15 days. That’ll be 1day at a time. So 15 battles to fight.


better late than never :muscle::muscle::clap: