The Lupus Challenge; Based on the Wolves of The Beyond [Challenge Ended]

Long ago, far beyond what you can see, was a land known only as The Beyond. In this world, there were three primary creatures that lived harmoniously, the bears in their awesome strength, the owls in their majestic flight. And there was the wolves. They are different than the wolf you see these days. They acted differently. They were able to communicate with each other and the different creatures that inhabited the land. There were clans, chieftains, and laws to keep the Spirit of the Pack.
They believed that there were great Spirits that guides the wolves, that lived among the stars. There was Lupus, the one who they thought to create wolves, and there was Skarsgard, who would lead the wolves that died up the consolation known as the Star Ladder, where they would rest in the Cave of Souls, the heaven of the wolves.
The Beyond was beautiful. But the wolves didn’t always live there. There was another part of this world they use to live, but then, a frozen curse known as the Long Cold affected the land, confusing the wolves, and locking their home in ice and snow. One day, a brave wolf decided to lead a pack of wolves out of this frozen wasteland on an expedition they called the Ice March. However, they weren’t too successful in this voyage. They were about to give up, when a great owl flew over them, guiding them out of the Long Cold, into the land they called The Beyond.
Later, the pack multiplied, and there became great clans of wolves, working together to keep the Beyond safe and beautiful. There were many laws put in place, and one in particular caused a new world to be born.
This rule was about wolf pups who were born deformed. They called them malcadh, and they feared that they might corrupt the bloodlines. So a specific wolf known as Obeas would take the wolf pup, take them to a place of abandonment, known as a tumfraw, and leave the pup to die. Many deformed pups have died this way. But, as law said, if the pup had survived and found it’s way back to the clan it was born in, it would be accepted into the clan, but only as the lowest ranking wolf, a Gnaw wolf.
They would often be the receiving end of jokes and abuse. But their life didn’t have to always be like that. There would be a special event called aGaddergnaw, where the gnaw wolves of each clan would be put to the test, and the greatest wolf(or rarely, wolves) would be selected to become members of the Watch.
The Watch was a sacred task force, given the task to guard a special ember, given by the great owl that lead the pack out of the Ice March. That owl was known as King Hole, and the wolves honored him by protecting the Ember of Hoole, which would be given to a selected king. But until that time would come, the ember was embedded in one of the five volcanos in the Beyond. These formed a kind of ring, and they were known as the Sacred Ring of Volcanoes. The pups who win the Gaddergnaw would be chosen to become Watch Wolves, protecting the Ember from anyone who would try to take it.

Now, as you might know, the Beyond is anything but it’s original glory. There was a terrible frozen curse, similar to the Long Cold, and an earthquake that followed. Almost all of the wolves died in these terrible events, and the survivors, no one knows what became of them.
Still, this history is a reminder of dedication, trust, and faith. Many see this past as imagination, but few actually take the time to truly appreciate the beauty and dedication of their long, forgotten world.

In corollation of NoFap, we must be strong to overcome many hard obstacles and heartbreak. There will be days that seem worthless, while others have you awestruck in wonder. The wolves all had difficulty to overcome, and if they were able to surpass their challenges and obstacles, let them be an example of why you keep doing this. For the better world that could be, and the freedom and peace that comes with it.

Welcome to the Lupus Challenge, where your faith and dedication will be put to the test in a way you might not think. This is a challenge like others, but there will be a ranking system, and there will be different tasks and obstacles that will be difficult to overcome. This will be a true testimony of your NoFap journey, and with the right mindset and team, you will rise victorious!

As of now, the challenge is split into two sections;
1. The Ice March
This is the journey where the wolves left the Long Cold to seek a better life. During the Ice March, the wolves used what they called the Ice Bridge. The trek across the Ice Bridge is not an easy one. There are pressure ridges as tall as boulders, pointing straight to the sky, there are ice patches that with one slip, cound meet a watery end. Patches of ice fall off the Bridge, causing holes to form. But this Ice Bridge has been there ever since the very first wolf was brought into this world. There will be challenges, but in order to seek a better world, these challenges must be completed.

Each day will represent a different part of the Ice Bridge, including a real life challenge that can boost your path and lead to a shortened journey. But if you are to fall off the Bridge, your wolf will most likely drown, and you will have to restart with a new wolf. Once the Ice Bridge is crossed, the wolves will be able to find a new home in the Beyond, and start a new chapter in their lives.
2. The Beyond
After the wolves found the Beyond, their leader Fengo put in place laws that would guide the wolves, and make sure the spirit of the wolves, as well as their memories, won’t be broken or forgotten. These rules were simple, yet they carried a great burden of keeping the wolves safe.
During this phase, each clan will decide on a special rule to add to the challenge, one that won’t exactly be easy, but will still be possible to complete. There will be a ranking system for this phase, and each rank will be rewarded accordingly.

Now, about some specific things;

Creating a Wolf
For you to be in this challenge, you will need to make a wolf character to use in a clan. First, think of your own character, what you like, how you look, and put that into consideration of your wolf. Then, describe your wolf, such as fur color, size, any deformities (missing eye, twisted legs, etc.), and anything else that seems right. Once your wolf is done, all that is left is to name your wolf. Think of a good name, and keep a list of different wolves you can use when you relapse.

Ranking System;
The system is simple: the more days completed, the higher you rise among the ranks. When you lose your streak, you return to the beginning of the challenge as a gyre soul, or a rebirth. The highest tier is where you won’t be removed from the challenge or have to start over. When you relapse, you will be comforted by your clan. If you feel that this challenge is too much, or if you need to focus on others things, you are welcome to drop out, but make sure you are aware of the effects it may have on your clan.

Clan System;
There will be clans, where multiple people will be set together, making this a team effort. Your team will rise in power determined by your team’s average streak score. This will be recorded at the end of each week, and each clan will be given rewards for their progress. There will not be elimination in these records, but when a clan is unable to complete a task, there will be some minor loss.

Relapse rules;
When you relapse, you will have to start over from the beginning. Unless you have reached the final tier, where you will just have to admit your mistake, you will need to change your wolf, and begin a new life.

Other rules and tips;
When you log on, it’s best to leave a journal entry of your activities that day, and chat with your team.
Also, you can help other teams and give encouragement, but the main goal is to lead yours into victory.
Sabotage is not allowed (posting triggering content or inappropriate things). We are here to help others and defeat PMO, not spread it. If there is any infringement of this rule, there will be consequences, unless the poster can prove it was accidental.

If you have questions, you can tag my name in a reply, and I will help you.
All are welcome into this challenge, no matter your day streak.

Good luck to you all, and may Lupus guide you and Skarsgard be with you all.


0-1 day: Newborn pup
1-3 days: malcadh pup
3-5 days: new Gnaw wolf
5-10 days: experienced Gnaw wolf
10-20 days: pack wolf
20-30 days: Outflanker
30-40 days: Ragnaidmember
40-50 days: Clan leader
50-60 days: Skreelen wolf
60-80 days: Watch wolf of the Sacred Ring
80-100 days: Taiga of the Watch
100-150 days: Fengo of the Watch
150 days-1 year: Star Wolf
1 Year-: Spirit Wolf of The Beyond


Challenge looks interesting but didn’t have time these days . I barely open forum throughout the day

Well, as long as you give something of a report and don’t Fap, and you’ll be good bro

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Interesting challenge brother. I’ve never read the books, but that 1 year rank sounds awesome.


When we join, we start from 0 right? Irrespective of our previous streak?


We can, if you want. It probably will be better that way


Love the picture man! I wanna use that for the intro


Thanks bro, I made it in Copilot. Feel free to use it.

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So we all start from zero irrespective of our current streak?

With my current streak I will be Fengo of the Watch.

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Oh damn!! Yeah, were DEFINITELY starting from 0 days then!

For those who are doing this challenge, please say you are in. When you have entered, name your wolf, describe them, and a clan. We will work together to figure out details and clans and packs.

I’m kind of hoping for more people to join this challenge, so maybe you guys could invite your RC friends to this challenge.

I’m pretty sure I am the only one keeping this thread alive, and I don’t like it🙁

How can I join this thread

Now then I am a new born pup

It’s simple. Name your wolf, give a short description, and your current streak.

My wolf name is Nayu. He has a silver pelt, with one floppy ear. His eyes are a teal instead of the normal green of wolves, and his tail is twisted, like a branch.
(This is a good example of an explanation of your wolf.)

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It’s a bit lonely here…