The last message I'll write

This is the last message I’ll write…
I saw some hard core porn and moed… My mind exploded from dopamine and I had a very firm erection… That means that porn really works on my erection and mind… I stopped watching porn like 2 years with some inconveniences between… But I really did it now… I don’t have a 1 year goal anymore… This is the last time I’m doing this with all my strength… This is the last time because I’ll never pmo again… NEVER
Give me strength guys I need to sever completely these bonds, will 3 years of clear nofap and semen retention eventually make me clear? Is not like I didn’t do progress…


The reason you failed is that you tested yourself that the porn still works for me or not. Whether my thing is alright whether I have recovered or not. Brother let me tell it’s good that you are announcing it the last time but let me ask you something the 2nd last time when you did it haven’t you promised to yourself that I won’t do it again.
But you did this time. You gotta find your weakness and hunt them down eliminate them
Recognize when you relapsed
Where, how (oh sry I think everyone knows this) and why you relapsed. And just work on them. For me it before going to sleep when I am lying on my bed thinking, I eliminated it. Something might be for you to like being lonely or sitting still boredom or anything.

Revision is most important remind your mind about nofap and consequences, bad effects of porn to your mind.
Daily once your mind started thinking it’s vulgar and It don’t feel attracted to it. Don’t test it again by watching.

Just build some gud habits ,the nofap provides you a lot of energy in your body use it to construct some good habits make yourself busy. Nofap is not just semen retention the energy which our body receives during our nofap journey can be used to achieve anything.

Stay strong stay Motivated.