The hard times in rebooting

The wonders of doing this challenge are absolutely real. I am a witness to the benefits it brings to you as a person. I discovered this concept in 2018 when I believed pornography and masturbation is something you simply cannot avoid as it drives you crazy without doing it. I never thought of this as an addiction that changes a person completely up until that point.

Through the end of 18’ I made it to 4 months clean and just couldn’t believe ridding this addiction would change me this much for the good. My focus was sharp like it had never been before, my confidence in myself was strong like never before. I stopped caring about losing at things & losing people because the toughness of this journey teaches you that. Focus on doing the job right rather than focusing on getting the results right as result is not something that’s completely in your hands and this made me very productive and I had the energy to sleep deep, wake up fresh and excited for the chores I had to do.

Ultimately, the confidence you find can make you overconfident like opening those websites again. I soon found myself being back to stage 1 in coming weeks and I’ve never recovered properly to this day from that.

Eventually, I lost the confidence, energy and motivation and am back to square one. I have endured sleepless nights, frustration, anger, anxiety and blueballs to get to 33 Days today. As I am writing this, I have uneasiness in my heart, the chronic like pain in my testes, frustrated and lack of excitement towards women, this is what everyone calls a flatline.

Despite facing the uncomfortable life 24/7 for weeks, I still believe the end result will be worth it. I know I can end this all uneasiness and pain with just few clicks in incognito mode, but I would rather go through this tough time, face the withdrawals of this addiction because being yourself is more worth it than being an addict.

You’re not the only one constantly resisting. As the old saying, NO PAIN NO GAIN. Stay stubborn my brothers & sisters.


This is what i needed to read.
Day-73 here and going through worst urges till now.
Was about to fail twice. But somehow controlled the urges.
I watched porn again and it already feels like i have replased.
Thanks to your post i have got motivated.


Day 20
I like to think porn is some type of poison; and i cant allow myself to go back to it.
I had to understand that I either watch and masterbate anytime I want and completely give in or as Jesus said Chose life

Every day I take this once step at a time even though it painful I live with the fact that I can never watch or turn back to porn forever.
This shit is tough my mind says " yo theres new videos, new girls, new never before sence content to jack off two" but at the same time I have to understand that there’s so much porn in the world that I will never be able to see all of it even if I lived for 200 years. So why bother, porn and lust is like a never ending hole that never stastifys, I know that all too well so im done playing.
I’m done being tired and depressed
I’m done feeling shame
I’m done saying tommrow ill quit
Fun fact porn was what caused most my anxiety and promblems :laughing: lol; you know how i know just go 90 days no porn and masterbation aka that’s when your mind and dophimine levels start to heal and almost all the stress and promblems go away.

One time long ago; I went 40 days with edging and just blue balls. Did my mind heal nah, what I’m trying to say is if your a cocaine addict and you look at a bag of cocaine siting on your night stand odds are when you can’t handle the pressure you might overdose. Be careful dont let you mind trick u into thinking its okay to look but not touch; soon it will tell you its okay to look and touch but don’t buss a nut