THE GLORY ( 31st MARCH 2021 )

Hey Guys , Please read this message . Dont hesitate or get tired to read this . Its a last hope for upcoming year 2021 . Let me introduce myself . I am one of the hard working pmo addicted person since from 2018 . I have been working on my addiction of PMO since 2018 and shared many stories to whom you have liked and loved so much . I would like to tell that I have failed more than 100 times . Yessss , You heard right . Today I relapsed .

The thing I wanna tell you that some days before I was a happy , clever , thinking , intelligent , strong , good looking , fit , sharp and marvellous person throught my recent life . I see many life changing results from NOFAP . Because dopamime is the receptor which is not only responsible for happiness but the key to acceptance of every challenge . Yes , High Dopamine results in accepting hard challenges which makes you even more confident and powerful .

I know that everybody fails . Yes , it does happen . But what if you are not learning from those failures . Those failures will be waste without any reason . You have to think on yourself . Just look at yourself and see in the mirror that how many times you have told yourself that you will not fap , you will not watch porn , you will not have orgasm on videos and pictures , and you will not fall for urge . You should give a tight slap on your face right there and fuckin commit that you will stop by today . And you will continue the NOFAP Journey for 90 days in a hard fucking mode . And if you fail now , you are not worth it .

The things you will not do which is enough for your streak : ( Dont give excuses that I cant do this )

  1. Delete Instagram for 90 Days .
  2. Disable Youtube for 90 Days .
  3. Disable Google Chrome for 90 Days .
  4. Dont watch any kind of small sensitive shit for a tickling of urge which will make you worse .
  5. Never stare at womens , because they too have their family and they are someone’s mother , sister , daughter , wife , and much for them .
  6. Dont loose hope because this is the last time to prove yourself .
  7. Just wipe out the internet things , mobile phones ( Calls and study use only ) , laptops and pc’s , T.V , etc.
  8. 2020 is the worse year we have experienced in our life that it made us alone at home in a room for whole day watching those pixels and shit .
  9. 2021 is the hope and last opportunity to have success to be a real monk and nofapper at the early stage or you will continue to suffer and will regret the most , I guarantee .
  10. Just dont give a fuck to your inner ego and attitude . Just skip and ignore all things which are now necessary for yourself . You are going to be Successful Son , Father , Brother , Husband , Businessman , Celebrity . And those things are not earned by watching porn and fapping all day for those pixels . It is earned by gaining respect , hardwork , working out , and having control and power to say no for temporary illusionary satisfactions which are sex desire , fame desire , money desire , and many more .

Things you will do in those remained days of 2020 :

  1. You are allowed to fail before 12.00 pm of 31st Dec . And after 1st Jan if you fail , get ready to suffer because this will be the patch that you have too wasted this fucking precious year .
  2. You will become a successful Nofapper and cure all the things which are ruining your day to day life .
  3. 90 days - Super Hard Mode . For just yourself . No PED’s , no acne , no hairfall , no shame , no depression , no anxiety , and no regret over your bad addiction who fucked you from the teenage till now and still ruling you.

Guys , Be dedicated and I am writing this by shouting in my mind and I am tired of getting at Day Zero’s and giving up for the same thing which is responsible for my today’s situation .

Yes you will be Brave , Good Looking , Super Active , Intelligent . Just for some days . Booom … The new NOFAPPER is borned and will be the reason for many peoples happiness from now .

Get hands off your pants , lock your nuts and let the dick dont get of your window for fucking 90 days . Coommon you can do it … We are tired … We are suffering … We are fucked by the evil ( PORN ) . And Now its time to fucking prove yourself .

Spread this post by UPVOTING it thousand times . Let all sufferers get this notice and we will rise one day … 31st MARCH will be the GLORY and the PRIDE day on REWIRS COMPANION app where we meet , feel , love , support , and motivate each other .

And Now the next and the proud post will be on 31ST MARCH as a winning day for which all of you will spread the post with a hastag : #31stGlory
On 31st of March 2021 … So best of luck go kill your biggest enemy … goooooo … aarhhhhhh …



I’m with you bro. All the best!

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Thank you so much bro …

I’m with ya bro