The four areas of masculinity

Manly Men,

The Four Areas of A Manly Man


  1. FRAME
    Strong identity, IDGAF mindset, Core confidence, Deep self belief, Reference experiences, Abundance mentality,

Undaunted by fears & doubts

Letting go of shame, guilt, insecurities, anger, frustration, jealousy

Faith, hope, optimism, meaning
“The story you should tell yourself about yourself”

  1. VALUE
    Job and career
    Achievements, competence, skills, talents, habits
    Money, wealth, resources, standard of living
    Looks, height, muscles, age
    Style, taste, grooming
    Wisdom, experience, knowledge, education
    Social status, social proof, connections
    Passions, activities, hobbies

Game: ability to open, generate attraction, pass shit tests, create a connection, escalate
Cold approach: ability to meet women in daily life
Frame control, social skills, storytelling
Immunity to rejection
Activities, hobbies, ability to meet women in a “passive” way.

Masculine leadership, feminine surrender
Sexual dominance, skills, mastery, facefucking
Making her work to please you sexually. An antidote to hypergamy
Understanding female sexuality, female “logic”, female communication
Snowflaking her.

Fulfilling her emotional needs =The world you created for yourself
=The world she wants to enter (or doesn’t want to enter)

She instinctively judges you on these four areas. Your frame, value, pipeline, polarity. Does she want to enter the world you have created for yourself, is she curious, is she intrigued?
And if she is already living in your world, does she want to stay? Is she finding one of your areas getting weak? Is she losing attraction for you, domesticating you, controlling you, hurting your confidence? Is your value not increasing as it should? Don’t you fully understand her needs?



1.Frame and Confidence
2.Value and Importance
3.Pipeline and Social Skills
4.Polarity and Understanding Women

As men, we need to constantly be getting stronger in all four areas. We need to constantly be building our world. This is our burden of performance.

Unlearn. Learn.



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