The Cold Truth about Nofap?

I’ve been practicing NoFap for an year now, with my highest streak about 120 days (Before using this app). I’m single and never had a gf, but have attracted lot of girls in the past but I’m forbidden to date because of my religion and society. The reason I relapsed before was when I felt that my life before NoFap was almost the same as before.

I don’t think I’m a porn addict, as I used to find masturbating more pleasurable as doing it without porn. Any kind of sexual material is arousing but using it for masturbation was disgusting. I see so many people reaching day 50, 60… and discussing how strong their urges are, thus demotivating the ones who are on day 10, 20… which will lead them into thinking that they will have to face these urges for a very long time, and they end up relapsing. Porn has no pleasure in it, even according to EasyPeasy. The pleasure they get is from fapping and orgasm, but they get tricked into thinking that porn was responsible for it. After that they get another dose of regret as they have ruined their ‘streak’.

What is a streak? As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s basically the number of days since a person has last ejaculated. This culture literally creates a social hierarchy based on these streaks instead of curing and getting rid of porn and improving the well-being of people in general.

I tried going full complete abstinences of various lengths like 60, 30, 20, 10 days… and but the benefits I got were not as satisfactory and my life instead became worse than usual. Every relapse made me more addicted to sex than usual.

Today, I did an experiment. I watched TV while eating lunch and then I ate food without TV when I was hungry. Despite the TV programme being interesting I didnt find the food pleasurable and after watching I felt dissatisfied as well. But for the 2nd case, eating became more enjoyable and I felt I had motivation to carry out other tasks as well.

My conclusion here is, that if your ummarried and unable to have a partner, masturbation done in moderation is healthy and essential but watching porn is sinful as well as detrimental to well-being.

Here, people even consider porn as only ‘online harems’ but porn is rightfully classified as all sorts of 2D graphic images or videos that induce some sort of supernormal burst of dopamine in a person’s brain. But they don’t even know that dopamine is basically a reaction to the shock content on the screen, and our poor limbic system will percieve that as sexual arousal.

By going on full ‘hardmode’ abstinences and take pledges to give up our natural god-given desires for sex, people start percieving porn of some sort of high value forbidden fruit and luxury and when ever they feel like they want to relapse, they make sure they relapse in the most ‘proper’ way thus going into full PMO mode even when they do not like it.

I’ve read so many articles, many stating that NoFap is best for improving intimate relationships but it is not the best option for self-improvement. I know so many of my friends, toppers as well popular guys who masturbate regularly and improve their life through building crucial life skills and habits like doing deepwork, socialising, taking part in competions etc.


No bro. It’s essential for self improvement, I have like 6-7 good habits now which I practice daily, before embarking on the journey of no fap I had like 1 that too not regular, no fap provides the necessary push and energy needed to Kickstart good habits.


When I quit pmo, the biggest change was that I was able to workout everyday and pray regularly. But whenever theres a relapse, the negative consequences are HUGE. During NoFap, we’re supposed have control over almost everything like diet, screen time, studies etc. Since no man is ever perfect, there can be a time that a person fails in self-discipline, as a result of which slowly and gradually neglecting self-control in certain areas due which it leads to relapse.
I think to achieve NoFap hardmode is extremely tough, not as in suggested in EasyPeasy which is primarily for quiting only porn.


Yeah that’s all true. I have faced the same, sometimes I even get anxious about maintaining all my habits :joy:


@alphadude If you feel no M will interfere your life , Yes it will. There were days where I cried and screamed due to strong urges. I was not able to focus on studies properly. Its actually called flatline. You will still experience flatline even if you are just abstaining from P only.

But with blessings of God , I feel much better. I feel the rage and the tears started to show some meaning. This is my opinion about your topic.


Dude idk but I’ve read that flatline is a period of zero libido, like absolutely no sexual urges. This is when people get filled with anxiety, stress etc. the same way they felt after relapsing. People start feeling that they have lost their sexual prowess and developed some dysfunction, so they end up fapping and regretting after.
So people advise to stay patient as their brain is hardwiring due to low dopamine levels caused by porn withdrawal.
For me it was like being high on sexual urges all day, and like I need to give exams every 15 days. So I basically see people struggling with urges even on day 50 or day 200+. Most people I observe end up relapsing few months or days later, except for those who already have a partner.
People who have partners last on NoFap hardmode for like 2-6 years.


Everyone faces urges , Day 1 person face urges , Day 10 faces urges , day 100, 1000 and so on. But which urge is actually worth it. The urge you feel after relapsing or the urge you feel with a satisfaction that you won it than many men failed to.

Just ask @Lefty101 with current 950 + streak or @Forerunner with 250 + streak. These people faces urges every single day but they live their life with no regrets.

Its your decision. @NeverGiveup420 has taken this decision a few months ago. Maybe he can help.


okay bro😅, I know this is great but these guys like @Forerunner have atleast got somewhere in life (university ig) but for me I know I can get through these urges but then I’ll have to sacrifice my studies as well. These studies are going to decide my career. Once I get into some college, I can lose much of this urge stress through socializing and start hardmode again.


Let me share one thing that @Forerunner advised me when I asked him , how he relapsed after a high streak

" There is only one reason why anyone relapses. Whether they are on day 0 or day 1000, the reason is the same. The desire to watch pornography and masturbate is greater during that moment than the desire to be free from addiction.

Unless we do the work to change our mindset regarding the addiction, we remain vulnerable to relapse. At the time - my 250+ day streak, when I relapsed, I didn’t even have ‘urges,’ in the typical sense. It would have been very easy to continue being free if I had the correct mindset back then. But, I didn’t. I was going through a rough period in my life and the thoughts came to mind that I was missing out. I resisted for a while but eventually peeked, and the cycle of addiction started over again.

This is why the Easy Peasy Method is so beneficial. It helps us break free of the illusion that we’re missing out or depriving ourselves of something pleasurable. With the correct understanding, we are free from day 1. We don’t need to wait for some arbitrary number like 30 days or 90 days or 1 year in order to be free from addiction. Once you are secure that you won’t do it again and you start living your life full of hope and joy that you’ve escaped the trap, it’s over."



@alphadude i agree with your point about studies for sure can’t concentrate even i can’t study law etc subjects sometimes but then its manageable asper my experience if i do fap then its more hard to manage things for day or twice but rather if i control things get back to normal in couple of days then for weeks i am normal so its my opinion, don’t overthink on the fact that you can’t study have a walk or something once you are fresh you can get back to work i feel but its at the end totally upto you ) We can control our brains it just takes efforts to figure that art out)
Have a good day!


Semi daily cycling works for me on top of bible studies and prayer. Doing this in Texas in the high 90s plus is a workout, the decision to act as if you already made it and execute your plan

I love you brother but I can’t learn it for you.



What if you did everything that was said thus far and still are unable to succeed?

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If your’re already addicted to P, then MOing can trigger the desire to watch it and you won’t find it satisfactory. I am not addicted to P, and I don’t even find PMO pleasurable just like non-users. I find MO more pleasurable and doing it once every few days keeps my sexual desire at its minimum. I’ve been doing this in highschool and was one of the top students in my class. That time I did’nt even have a phone. You would surely obtain benefits if P was interfering with your life, but for me it was’nt, but there were other things like social media toxicity, one sided love etc.

No MOing is done 90% of the time due to religious reasons. If you don’t have one, then you don’t need to. It’s mostly up to personal convictions.
What I can say from my own life experience is that when you don’t MO, you do get benefits. You may not have gone long enough without MO to notice them, but I have. My bone strength, energy levels, focus all rise when I don’t MO. Of course, I cannot cite any scientific paper to back this up because"

  • there is not much research in this area
  • most of the reasearch is biased, that is, it supports porn. Of course it does, because the companies need to make money don’t they? Why would they publish articles that show how harmful porn is if so much of the modern day industry depends on sexualisation?

Don’t say MO has no benefits, I would recommend going a month without MO if possible and then you can judge for yourself.

At the same time, nofap is not about no MO. No fap is a misnomer, since it’s actually only about avoiding porn. The reasons nofappers tend to do no PMO is:

  • religions, as I mentioned before
  • MO within moderation is, well, it’s not good for you, but I cannot say that it’s bad to you either. The issue is, once peopel start, keeping it moderate is hard for most.
  • Most PMOer associate MO with relapsing so they avoid MO so that they don’t get a porn trigger

You should feel completely free to do nofap with MO. Most nofappers do that actually.

I’d just like to end this by quoting 1 Cor 10:23,
Someone may say, “I’m allowed to do anything,” but not everything is helpful. I’m allowed to do anything, but not everything encourages growth.

Flame on :fire:
Vincit qui se vincit


No MOing is actually encouraged in my religion but MOing is allowed and not considered as a sin if I’m unmarried and I’m only doing it reduce sexual tension.

I do agree with your point that abstaining from MO gives you a ton of benefits but it is also risky as longer the streak, the more destructive it could be when you relapse. Doing MO is kinda staying neutral and low risk as they there is low possiblity of binging.

When I went quit MO for a long time, I used to force myself to go out and take a walk. It kinda indirectly increased my well-being somehow.

Imagine if anyone wins a lottery to a trip to Paris. The person will never even think of fapping and instead enjoy life.

Leading a happy life decreases fapping, and less fapping could also force people to live a better life.

Maybe just focussing on our addictions, its better to prioritize making our lives better, as addiction is just a response to emotional pain. When that source of pain or stress is dealt in a proper way, maybe I would’nt even want to MO that often or even plan to quit.

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Major point there forerunner.Im at day one from relapsing but hey,i know i can do it was kept abstinent for 6 months before my first relapse a 2 weeks ago,and a couple of times while before.The trap is actually using porn more and more to the point its a normal habit but its not,for me its sinning and deeply immoral.I will not act against my values just to watch people fuck online.Lets face it,every time its a ruined orgasm in shame.But compared to fapping only whit imagination,its still a gray zone.

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Both AVRT and easy peasy focus on the exact same point and hence both have high successful rates.
AVRT audio on YouTube mentions this:
Consider you are free, you have recovered from day 1 and others will catch on in time.


My point exactly. Stop focusing on nofap, just like be your life. Glad you figured it out, this will help you loads.

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