The Chicken Dairy Challenge

The Chicken Dairy diary!!! :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick: aka, The Check-in Daily diary

“Don’t choke your chicken. Don’t spill your milk”


Opening : :bulb:

Rewiring a new path starts with getting rid of roadblocks, and identifying with that which you choose to be through [thought], [word] and [action].
Each of these [three] make up who you are, or wish to be.

You are that which you;

  • think
  • say
  • do

Objective : :thinking:

  • The objective is to Rewire;
    By removing bad habits with honesty.
    Acknowledge our God-given; Ability & Achievements.
    Hope in good things to come.

  • Daily Check-in for anyone :writing_hand:
    especially those (like me) struggling to break free

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly challenge to Rewire :trophy:

  • A simple approach to rewire :relieved:

“Wonderful! You are a good & faithful servant. I left you in charge of only a little, but now I will put you in charge of much more. Come and share in my happiness!”

~ Matthew 25:21

‘Rewirer’s’ Rules : :balance_scale:

  • Remember;
    You joined Rewire Companion to start anew.

  • Transparency

  • Maintain your scoreboard
    Or ask me

Optional Rule : :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Lapsing?
    No attempt to Rewire = No points
    Safeguard against Social media
    ie; discern unhealthy dopamine highs
    Or full on prohibition of idle media

Closing : :candle:

  • Keep it simple & honest :smiling_face_with_tear:

  • Be wary of;
    Pessimism, white-knuckling & unrealistic oaths

  • Strive for;
    Self care, Acceptance & Wisdom

  • Enjoy writing,
    Reflect on achievements or need for improvement
    Or simply just “Check-in” :hatching_chick:

“…the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.”

~ Matthew 15:18


September Scoreboard

LPS RLP Days weeks
@lets_begin 1 0 2000 0000
@WalkWithoutFear 0 0 0000 0000
@Vortexkicker 0 0 2000 0000
@ncubeanelem 0 0 1000 0000
@TheSeeker 0 0 0000 0000
@AzizKhan 0 0 0000 0000

Calling out to anyone struggling to have a clean week/month and to account daily on a open Rewire journey.

@Rebooter81 @Vortexkicker @WalkWithoutFear @Binocular @save_ME @ThefThefighter132


Check in: Day 12
Code - 826714
I no longer fear fear but the fear of regret, the fear of missing out the amazing skills of my new self and fear of becoming a slave and not a king!


Thank you bro :+1: Welcome to the Daily Check-in :+1:


Thanks for having me :sunglasses::blush::raised_hands::pray: we got this.


Monday 31st July
I already failed myself today by scrolling/browsing images, (and checking out girls and the words/thoughts that accompanied that action)

Yes, I feel strong attractions -it’s only natural- but I do not need to be swayed by them.

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Thank you for inviting me to this challenge. I accept. However i do use Youtube and Facebook daily. Will i need to remove those as well?

I can check in daily. I do work long hours on Saturdays and Sundays and Tuesdays. But I can make an effort those days as well.


Thank you dearly for accepting, I’m very glad to greet you. You are very welcome. With using social media platforms, I simply encourage Rewirers to abstain from anything that maintains ‘the unhealthy’ dopamine high.


So, my code if you like is vqe481.

My current streak is 17 hours 33 minutes.

I normally relapse on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. However this week and last week is been Sundays instead of Monday.

When i relapse is 5 am to 6 am usually.


I may modify the rules slightly, because it shouldn’t be an obstacle in Rewiring but something positive.

If Rewirers cannot check-in for good reason, but still want to be accountable, they will still earn points for being clean.

The main aim after all is to Rewire :+1:

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I want to participate in this challange
Current streak : 0
Sharing code : 1b0zln


Welcome to The Check-in @TheSeeker and @ncubeanelem


Awesome, thanks so much :pray:


Thank you bro, and thanks for adding your sharing code to the board. Please make sure to check-in and account for your day and update it on the scoreboard. Honest accountability is part of the procedure in making new change.

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Morning / Tues 1st August :+1:

I woke with lapsing thoughts and flashbacks.
While having breakfast I could see people walking to work, but the thought can stop there.
I can admire beauty, but I don’t need to let it take up space in my mind. I would like to have space for my well-being, and create internal peace.
I hope the rest of the day is productive.


I relapsed.

I woke up an hour and a half earlier. Been awake since 3:34 am. I just relapsed at 5 pm.

This is also my check in. August 1st.


I’m sorry to hear it, and didn’t check on you, as often lapse/relapse happen for me in the early hours too, but never want to be intrusive on others.

I presume you are in US seeing the time difference, I’m in UK.

Thank you again to you and others for joining. It means a lot, giving that collective trust in each other. I hope to be supportive and understanding.
I did wonder if anyone would join or whether I’d be alone.


Yes. I am in the US.

Eastern time zone.

I started masterbation in February 2020. I started Full PMO in April 2020. My birthday is in April.

Before 2020, I never did masterbation. I didn’t know what it was. I’m also older than you might think. I’m 33.

Unlike most teenagers, I was homeschooled for most of high school. I didn’t have social experience or influence of piers.

I never had a girlfriend. I never been on a real date. I never get a phone number and I don’t get much conversation with women I’m interested in.

Thats a bit about me. I hope it helps with understanding who I am. I will be happy to elaborate on any questions you have.


Ah man, that sucks. It must be a real struggle in your position. Obviously, it’s an amazing and blessed thing P & MO only came about at 30 years old - but it must have been hard to make friends without school. I’ve only really been to VA - everything seems so spread out

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