The Championship of warriors (Battle of 6 🆚 6) [12/12 participants] ENTRIES CLOSED

You can join here to fight with your team to, be a better version of yourself.

There will be two teams and 6 warriors in each.

Blue team :sauropod: and Green team :dragon:

United Alphas V/s Miraculous Beasts

:sauropod: United Alphas

Participants C.S Points Conv.Power
1…@strongerme17 :star: 17 days - 2
2.@Govind-19 218 days - 2
3.@shinsusenju 9 days - 2
4.@risinglion123 4 days - 2
5.@fapstronautharn 17 days - 2
6. Lordfreeme 0 days - 2

TOTAL= _ points
Wins :- 0

:dragon: Miraculous Beasts

Participants C.S Points Conv.Power
1.@Dean_Ambrose 6 days - 2
2.@Samaranjay :star: 36 days - 2
3.@prothekter_aden 4 days - 2
4.@RegretHATER 8 days - 2
5.@Fizuli 9l10 days - 2
6.rewire_user 7 days - 2

TOTAL= _ points
Wins :- 1

Our goal is not to defeat each other, but actually to defeat the devil, for our team

You can earn points for your team by :

1.Checking in daily = 1 point

Click summary to know more…


You know about checking in, don’t miss check in you will lose point for your team

Everyone has to check in daily

:point_right:t2:2.Winning 1v1 battles = 5 points

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You can challenge any warrior from your opposing team. There will be 3 things in which you will challenge your opponent /companion :
:muscle:t2::running_man: Workout (max.1 hour ,don’t be too hard as your body will start releasing a lot of cortisol after you will do workout more than 1 hour, including rest)
:massage_man:Meditation (whoever will meditate more will win)
:bowing_man:Study (whoever will study more will win)

You can change your opponent after 1 week, every Sunday(sunday is preparation day and 1v1 battle will start every monday) you can challenge new warrior if you want, and 5 points will be allotted to the winner and please tell about your 1v1 battle sessions (meditation ,workout and study) everyday or every sunday.

Don’t try to criticise or discourage your opponent to win ,you will lose the poins and challenge if you will do so. It’s the battle against PMO and your old self.

Everyone has to battle

:point_right:t2:3.Completing your weekly goals = 5 points

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Share your weekly goal every sunday (like completing your chapters ,walking 10000 steps etc. ) and earn points to complete them , completing 75% of your weekly task will give you 3 points and for completing every goal will give your team 5 points, kindly,share your previous weekly goal update every sunday, so i can give you points

Everyone has to share and try to complete weekly goals

:point_right:t2:4.Completing your monthly goals = 12 points

Click summary to know more…


Share your monthly goals at the start of the month , and update me every month about your monthly goals, so i can give you points. For completing 75% of your monthly goal you will earn 8 points and for completing all the tasks you will earn 12 points

Everyone has to share monthly goals and try to complete their monthly goals

Every month, there will be 1 winning team and 1 star player :star: from each team,and THE TEAM WHO WILL WIN MORE AT THE END WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP


Active 1v1 battles :crossed_swords:

Blue team :sauropod: Participants :vs: Green team :dragon: Participants
strongerme17 :vs: prothekter aden
Harn08 :vs: Dean_Ambrose
Govind-19 :vs: Samaranjay
risinglion123 :vs: rewire_user
shinsuenju :vs: Fizuli
Lordfreeme :vs: RegretHATER

If you are not performing well and majority of your teammate want to eliminate you, you will be sent to the training zone. , And you will have 2 convincing powers to convince your teammates to let you continue the championship , if you will disappoint your team 3rd time you will be sent to training zone .


If any warrior will run out of convincing power then he will be sent to the training zone, everyone in the training zone will fight each other . Top 2 warriors in the training zone will be sent to any team either blue or green ,( if any spot will be vacant) , or if there is no spot available then they can challenge anyone from the blue or green team(this challenge will also last for 7 days) or they will replace the inactive warrior (who haven’t checked in, shared weekly goals for more than 8 days). The training challenge rules are similar as 1v1 battles (meditation, work out, and study), just the warriors in that training zone will challenge everyone in the training zone , whoever will perform well will earn a medal ,every 15 days.
If a warrior having :1st_place_medal: medal, joins any team then he will directly give 15 points to the team that he joins and and warrior having :2nd_place_medal:medal will give 10 points the team and warrior having :3rd_place_medal: will give 5 points to the team.

Experience levels

To earn experiences, you have to perform better i.e., by waking up earlier ,doing more meditation, workout and study sessions (this battle will also last for 7 days) Beating 1 warrior will give you 2 points, beating 2 warriors = 3 points, beating 3,4,5 warriors in training zone will give you 4,5 and 6 points respectively & beating all warriors will give you 8 points (max. warriors limit in training zone is 6 )

25 points = 1 experience level, 50 points = experience level 2 and so on… And if you relase after breaking your previous best then it will be counted as 1 relapse but, if you relapse (peek or edge) before your previous best (i.e., your best streak in last 1 month ) it will be counted as 1 Lose. And relapseing will reduce your 10 points

If a warrior is in training zone and in 1v1 battle with someone then he can continue the battle until it ends, and he will also earn fir the team until someone will replace the warrior.

Training zone

Warrior C.S Exp. Loses P.B
VARAD 5 0 0 5
PowerfulNfpWarrior 1 0 5
TheBigSp 4 0 0 6

Great concept bro… Keep rocking


Actually it came in my mind after @nofapstar123 and @valiant_warrior battle and it’s inspired from many challenges on this forum


One advice… Fix a final date n Carry out this thread until it ends.

All the best buddy, im in many challenges already thus not giving my name.


Would you like to join brother

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Yeah I will fix it once the championship will start.

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One more advice…Better to remove that daily check in rule… (I personally don’t like it)…
Many r in exam preparations.


I will build a poll and ask the interested warriors and thanks for giving me such advice :innocent::innocent:


:+1::clap: good Idea



Thanks :blush::blush:

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Good night bro…


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Good night and thanks again brother


I I’m In!!!


Choose your team brother

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Team : United Alphas


Welcome to the team :sauropod: ‘United Alphas’ brother

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Add me brother I too want too participate.:blush::triumph:
Sharing Code: v7tlec


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I’m in!!!
Show them no mercy

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Which team brother @prothekter_aden

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What is the starting date?:thinking:

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