The Bird in The Cage


11 September 2019

To explain my situation i am using an example :
A Bird which is caged for many years become habitual of the cage and … even if you open the cage for it to fly in open sky… The bird… it won’t escape the cage for good. It will fly in open sky and again come back to the cage… it will not leave it permanently … because now it has forgotten its freedom plus lost its courage to live life on its own. The Cage is its sky now… without the cage it is nothing.

Same situation is with me.
From 10 years i was addicted to PMO and i tried to break free but couldn’t. From last 2 and a half year … i am keep coming back to my cage… even though i have seen the open sky… i have flown some times in sky of freedom. Alas !

The good thing is that I still believe.

I believe that i can leave PMO once and for all. I have to keep going … on & on.


@Sahas i hope you will see your sky soon but this time permanently and know real freedom. I want to see you shining in sky like phoenix… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: I know you’re going through a bad time. So please Don’t give up bro because you’re one of millions who ever thinks about to quit pmo which itself a great thing. I really impressed with your dedication. Keep fighting we’re warriors :crossed_swords::crossed_swords:
We’re champions :trophy: we have to be :on::top:


very nice maping
and the cage is becoming narrow and one day it ll us its own part

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No bro… if we can see the cage … we can break free. We are lucky that we can see the cage… some people have made the cage their home.


Great metaphor man!

It really is amazing how our brain works. We’ve been conditioning our brain to like the cage and to seek it out in times of stress and discomfort.

But you’re right, we see the cage, not many do. That’s a first step. It all comes down to conciousness. We can do this, we just got to stay aware of our thoughts.

Stay strong dude!