The 90 Day Discipline challenge (Challenge Abandoned)

This is my first time creating a challenge, and this challenge will be about discipline, anyone can join.

This challenge will teach you discipline to get you in a positive routine, that becomes a new lifestyle and a new normal for you.

In this challenge you will be:

-Waking up at 6 am, 8 am at the latest

-Open Curtains, let light in your room

-Have breakfast (no junk food, no leftovers and no takeaways) only cereal, rolled oats, or toast, fruit or raw vegetables are allowed, you’re also allowed eggs if you wish. (Try to avoid caffeine if you can)

-Brush your teeth, this is for oral hygiene, if you forget, don’t worry, just get them brushed before noon.

-Make your bed, this is important because you’re less likely to fap from lying in your bed too long, when its made.

-Take a cold shower, this will keep you alert and focused throughout the day.

-Meditation, that will help you with your mind

-Keep yourself busy throughout the day, this is important because you are less likely to be in your room on your phone. Can be anything, reading, writing, studying, doing hobbies, casual labor, bike rides, fishing or running etc.

-Work out, this is a way of self discipline, its something you should consider doing, it’s as simple as doing push ups. It can be anything to do with working out, even shoveling can be good.

-Start to run for at least 800 meters, if your body can’t handle it then jog 800 meters until you get used to it, then start to increase your distance.

-Eat only at certain times of days, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast when you wake up, lunch at noon and dinner at 6 pm, no eating takeaways, or junk, take the time make the meal, or get someone else to do it for you, make sure it contains proteins and vegetables, if you’re really desperate, you can buy takeaways, but you’re only allowed to do it once a week, you must post here and say you had takeaways, if you eat takeaways anymore than once a week you lose points. If your parents cook for you still and you’re under 18 then this rule won’t apply

-Go to bed at 9:30 PM, don’t forget to brush your teeth first, be asleep by 10 pm, 10:30 at latest

Thats all.

The aim of this routine is to teach you ways of forming new habits, that you will turn to instead of PMO.

Word of advice:
Prepare your day and following days in advance so relapsing is not an option.

How points are earned
Each challenge is worth 5 points
Each day of nofap is worth 10 points
Completing all challenges, (except for bonus challenges)in a day is worth 20 points
Completing the bonus challenge is worth 10 points

Bonus Challenge (optional)
You are required to say hello to a stranger in street, ask how there day is going, this is a way to see how confident you really are. You will earn 10 points for this.
Limit Screen usage to 3 hours a day You will earn 15 points for this

-You must do at least 5 challenges in a day or you will lose 3 points
-If you relapse you lose 5 points
-If you eat takeaways or junk food more than once
a week then you lose a point.

  • I you cheat you lose all points
  • If you relapse, you’re not disqualified but you you continue this discipline routine until it’s been 90 days
    -You can back out of this challenge at any time, just let me know.
    The person with the highest points on the 90th day wins.
    -Please check in daily, you must post the day you are on, with a :white_check_mark: if you are still on nofap, or a :x: if you have relapsed, record points
    -If you complete a challenge, put a :white_check_mark:, put the amount of points next to it
    -If you didn’t complete a challenge put a :x: next, if you lose points put the amount of points lost next to that.
    -Add all of the points up and record the total points earned on your daily check in, I will then record them on a leaderboard.

If there are days that you unable to complete all activities, try do the 5 simplest ones

Thats all for now, any suggestions just let me know

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Day 30 scores

Discipline Scoreboard:

risinglion123 = 0 points

jarjar = 1292 points

Munnasharma = 0 points

BlackMagic123 = 0 points

hhatmbe = 720 points

slavery = 244 points

Fazlury = 627 points

ncaldwe22 = 110 points

rithviky = 0 points

Jonam = 0 points


Discipline Scoreboard:

@risinglion123 = 0 points
jarjar = 0 points
Munnasharma = 0 points
BlackMagic123 = 0 points
ChristianMan = 0 points
hhatmbe = 0 points
slavery = 0 points
Fazlury = 0 points
ncaldwe22 = 0 points
rithviky = 0 points
Jonam = 0 points


Heres an example

Day 13✅ + 10 points

Worked out❌ 0 points

Ran 800 meters❌ 0 points

Meditation :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Cold shower :x: 0 points

Brushed my teeth✅ + 5 points

Made my bed✅ + 5 points

Ate the right food, at the right time :white_check_mark: + 5 points
Total = 30 points

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But if did less 5 activities, I would put:
Activities completed 4/10 -3 points

Another example:
Activities completed 5/10 points are not affected
If you complete all challenges, then put:
All challenges completed :white_check_mark: + 20 points

If ate takeaways during the week, then put Takeaways × 1 points aren’t affected
Takeaways × 2 - 1 points
Same applies for junk food

Here’s a template for you to copy, you can use it

Day 13✅ + 10 points

Wake up early :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Open curtains :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Have breakfast :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Brush teeth :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Make my bed✅ + 5 points

Cold shower :x: 0 points

Keeping busy (Transmutation):white_check_mark: + 5 points

Work out❌ 0 points

Run 800 meters :x: 0 points

Eat the right meals at right time of day :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Went to bed early and brushed teeth :white_check_mark: + 5 points

Fell asleep on time :white_check_mark: + 5 points

All challenges completed❌ 0 points
Bonus Challenge:
Talking to strangers❌ 0 points

Takeaways eaten this week × 0] [points lost= 0
Junk food eaten this week × 0] [Points lost= 0

challenges completed= 9/12] [Points lost = 0

**Total Score= 55 points **

This is my template which I filled out, feel free to use it.

Feel free to join, include your username, sharing code(optional), age, and streak etc.

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@ChristianMan @risinglion123 @Samaranjay @Dean_Ambrose @SigmaGigachad @Mitchy @Fazlury @prothekter_aden @GOVIND-19 @Ash_Matt
Are you guys interested?


The challenge starts in 2 days


Thank you for inviting me in this challenge. Yeah I am in

My current streak : 7 days
Highest streak : 69 days
Code : 8uwuwa


I want to take this challenge

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@jarjar I wanna join too.

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You already know!!! Just one thing though. Choosing what I eat and when isn’t really my choice. I’m 15 so my mom is in charge of that. If it’s ok with you I’d be glad if you could be a little lenient with that. Junk food I can handle though. I’m down with everything else though! Put me in coach!!


I want to join, in in my day 0

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Where is leaderboard?

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I’m busy today, will let you know by tomorrow but I don’t think I am taking part in a new challenge, sticking with study challenge and last man standing challenge for now

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I updated the part about eating food.

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The challenge will start in 2 days, people have until then to join, because ill be closing entries and you’ll have to wait 90 days before entries reopen.

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Bro please let me in

Username: slavery
Sharing code: w4zn75
Current streaks: 2 days

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Man this sounds like alot of work to a lazy bum like me! :flushed:

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